Easter Outreaches in Mozambique, Apr 2015

The Wheresoever African Team was busy during the Easter season. The local youth held outreaches the two days before Easter. There was also a youth focus during Easter. They also held more major outreaches in two villages over three days the week after Easter. More than 1,400 people received Jesus during that week, and one new church was planted - thank you Lord. See Kenneth's reports below:  


Youth Outreaches (Fri, Sat)

A set of crusades was held by the Vila Ulongue youth on the Friday and Saturday before Easter. It was encouraging to see the youth explaining the love of God that was displayed on the cross. The Power of God was present, some youth came to Jesus with their hands up while crying. God used this young man who had been causing a problem in his family. 

During Friday and Saturday, 620 youth came to Jesus. The parents of the young man could not believe that God was using their stubborn son for His Kingdom, this humbled every one present on the crusade and they praised God wholeheartedly.

Easter Service



On Easter Sunday another youth called Emmanuel preached a powerful message on resurrection power. Then Pastor Kenneth finished with a demonstration of the power by calling people to come and touch the lovely cross where Jesus paid the price. Amazingly, people were getting healed when touching the cross which was on Pastor Kenneth's shoulder. Others were refreshed in the power of Holy Spirit. 21 people received Jesus Christ during the Easter service. 

Young Emmanuel preaching the first
message on Easter. All youth
should rise up and run like this

Prison Outreach on Easter

On Easter afternoon, Wheresoever went to prison to preach the Risen Jesus and gave gifts to prisoners to show the love of God to them. This picture is outside the prison because we were not allowed to take pictures inside the prison. Most of the prisoners and 2 officers came to receive Jesus on this Easter. May God bless all who are helping to open the door so that these lives can be saved.


Village Outreach at Chabwalo

The African Team continued the outreaches on the Thursday after Easter, going to a very large village called Chabwalo. The outreach had not completed as of the writing of this report. Please keep praying.

Village Outreaches and New Church at Mwalawabodza 

On the Tuesday after Easter, the team went to preach at a village called Mwalawabodza, which translated from Chichewa means "Village of Liars". There are strongholds of witch doctors, alcohol, and traditional dancers (which are the opposite of what their cute name would imply). Young people generally refuse education and get married at a very young age. 

When we arrived we went around the village praying while waiting for permission to minister from the village headman. He turned us down saying that people are already celebrating with beers etc. but we did not give up. We did have to wait 2 hours before we were allowed to proceed, had to wait until the beer selling finished. So we organized our equipment and started - we saw people come running, leaving the beer place empty. Moses preached the Gospel and 501 people happily came to Jesus, both young and elderly. After the outreach we were asked to come back again the next day. 

As I am writing boys are packing equipment on head of Land Rover, Resurrection power ready to go . Keep  praying for us , after this one two more villages are waiting .

The next day people came in large numbers. The power of God moved and brought many to salvation. The total number of salvations here was 901. A Foursquare church was planted here including a leader and small council. They are looking for a place to meet.