Caribbean Islands

Over the years, God has given Wheresoever a focus on the Caribbean Islands, calling us to six of the islands.  Three of them have been on what we call GO Trips, where God impresses on us a particular location, usually through Lindy, and later defines a date. So out of obedience we GO, not having any contacts or understanding the purpose of the trip until after arrival. God then starts revealing the reasons during the trip, such as providing an opportunity for Lindy to pray on the radio over an island nation, getting her amazingly invited to take part in a government annual prayer breakfast at the staff table where she was able to shake hands with every government member there (indirectly laying hands on, impartation ?), and many other divine appointments tht God had prearranged. We don't usually get to understand what God accomplishes through such obedience, but choose to believe that His will is done. In other cases, the trips are planned and have a purpose such as all the journeys into Cuba.

Cuba - Between 2000 and 2012 there were 12 trips to Cuba, working with various churches, but mainly with Church of God, Primera Pentecostal (First Pentecostal, a purely Cuban denomination), and Foursquare, plus a number of independent ones. The assignments have been a mixture of encouragement of the believers, and Christian dance/flags/drama workshops. At this time we are not able to return to Cuba due to US government administrative reasons, but we are confident that this will be sorted out soon.

Trinidad and Tobago - Prayer walking over the islands and working with Faith Assemblies International Church.

Aruba - GO trip in 2008.

BVI (British Virgin Islands) - GO trip in 2007.

Puerto Rico - Lindy taught at a Christian Dance Fellowship conference.

Dominican Republic - Minitry in churches during brief stay there on the way to Cuba.



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Cuba MapVisit from Cuban Pastors, Aug 2015
Pastors Benjamin and Amanda Coca visited us here in Raleigh and the triangle, hosted by Wheresoever.  Benjamin and Amanda pastor a church and he is the Vice-President in the First Pentecostal Church in Cuba (Primera Pentecostal), and visited us with his wife Pastor Amanda.  They have very interesting backgrounds with lots of stories of Christian life in communist Cuba. more


Trinidad & Tobago. April 2011
Lindy, Ellen and Denise ministered at the annual Women's Rally at Faith Assembly International church in Trinidad. more

Trinidad and Tobago, December 2010
Lindy's sharing from her recent "GO" trip to this beautiful Caribbean Island. "God deeply cares about his people in Trinidad and Tobago and the work he has called them to do to spread the Good News." more

Cuba – Nov 2009
Lindy, together with Joe Ellen and Charles Balan from Hope Chapel at the First Pentecostal Annual Convention, encouraged Cuban pastors from different denominations, and investigated possible future ministry opportunities. more