Wheresoever is expanding in Malawi. We have two Wheresoever Councils there. One covers Central Malawi and is based in Lilongwe headed by Moses, The second one covers Southern Malawi and is based in Blantyre, the second largest city in Malawi, headed by Lloyd Banda together with Enesia Chitheka Luwis, Kenneth's wife. Danny, Lindy and the African Teams were active with both councils during parts of June through August trip to minister in Malawi and Mozambique. Danny and Lindy flew into Lilongwe, Malawi and ministered with the Central Malawi Council near Lilongwe before going to mozambique (end of June and beginning of July). Then at the end of August on the way back from Mozambique, we were tilling the ground at a village near Blantyre helping to prepare it for a church plant together with the Southern Malawi Council.


Seminar and Outreaches at Mchenzi (Central Malawi)

When we arrived at Malawi in June, it was a joy to meet Comfort, Moses and Eunice's baby son after six years of prayer.  Praise God.  Moses has been carrying Wheresoever Ministries activities into central Malawi.  We immediately joined him in a three-day seminar and crusades at Mchenzi, a village in Malawi not too far from capital city Lilongwe, with a crusade on the last night in Lilongwe itself.  This was important as we expand into different areas of Malawi, with Moses leading Wheresoever's way there.  The seminar attendees were mostly pastors which is always a blessing, especially when they are so hungry for spiritual food.  We were told that we were the first interdenominational group they had ever had, bringing pastors from different churches together.  Some pastors that did not attend did complain because they did not know.  The head of the Pastors' Fraternal attended on the last day and has opened the door wide inviting Wheresoever to return to  much wider group of pastors, because he sensed the presence of God and  so enjoyed the message that Wheresoever was carrying.  The crusades yielded hundreds of salvations and a few healings.  After we left we were getting reports of a  increase in church membership.  Please pray that this is not just church membership, but people truly on the path of falling in love with Jesus so deeply that they will dedicate their lives for His glory.  The couple from Raleigh, Chad and Cindy, who were going to be with us for a month including Malawi and the first part of the Mozambique ministry were not able to join us.  They fell ill when ministering in Kenya just before coming to us, and had to fly straight home.  Praise God that they are now much recovered, although we really miss them.


Outreaches in Lunzu (Southern Malawi)

We have now completed our trip to Mozambique
and Malawi and arrived in Israel this morning.  The time in Mozambique since the last update that I sent you was totally exciting and fruitful, praise God, but also exhausting, so we are very thankful for the last three days we spent in Malawi de-briefing and planning for the future, which was much more restful than the intense work we've been part of for two months.  I'm sorry that I have not been able to keep you updated as we go, it has been nearly four weeks since the last update - and to me it seems like more  than 4 years…

One of the night outreaches in Lunzu

Lindy and children spinning around when they
came up  waving “natural” flags


Shortly after the last update that I sent you, we went to Blantyre, the second largest city in Malawi.  We took part in a 6-day crusade in three locations within Lunzu which is a large village just a few miles from Blantyre.  It was interesting to again see the culture differences between Mozambique and Malawi - in Malawi people tend to  keep their distance from you until they get to trust you - in Mozambique we reach that point much faster.  The first few days were good, but with fairly small crowds.  By the end, after moving to the center of the village, it was like an energy-filled God party that nobody wanted to see the end of.  A big part of what we were doing was training the new Malawian Wheresoever Team to do the evangelism themselves - you could see a big difference between the beginning and the end.  We were enjoying watching the boldness of some of these guys.  I was impressed when they wanted to use a field owned by the local mosque, they went to ask the leader of the mosque who turned them down with a comment like "it would be like killing a pig in my house".  It may not have worked out for that field, but their friendly approach with boldness and laughter was great to see.  By the end of the crusades, the Hope of Glory church in Blantyre is now arranging to start weekly meetings in Lunzu, with a view to plant a church there when the timing is right, as they had hoped for some time.


Enesia Medical Status   

In Blantyre we were staying at Kenneth and Enesia's home - so refreshing to be able to spend time with Enesia after all she's been through.  Barely a year since her last kidney surgery, the second one, the ureter (tube between the kidney and the bladder) is blocked again - after two tries, it is clear that parts of the ureter cannot be reused.  She now has a plastic tube coming out of her body to an external bag that is acting as the bladder.  This can only be a temorary solution while we figure out a permanent solution.  The doctors are locating a machine to do a fluoroscopy to determine how much of the ureter is still alive, to decide what surgery is necessary.  But there is no such machine in Malawi, so the location of that test is part of the puzzle, as is the best location for the surgery.  Please pray for Enesia's health, supernatural healing, necessary funding if not healed, etc.  Pain and other complications are not stopping her from expanding the Kingdom and strengthening those already in the Kingdom. 



And there was even a great blessing on our last day in Malawi when we had the opportunity to attend the graduation of one of their children, Jones, from the University of Malawi with an Agriculture degree.  He and one of his brothers are the first generation of the family to complete undergraduate university degrees.  Also please pray for Jones to find employment soon, since many graduates are struggling in this very challenging financial atmosphere currently in Malawi.