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Christmas - New Year in Mozambique, Dec 2015
Special outdoor service in Kamkhomba, adjacent to the city of Tete, capital of our province.  This is the middle of the rainy season in Mozambique, the heavy rain clouds formed and a light rain started which was enough to cause concern.  So of course, time to pray.  And you can guess what happened - the rain stopped.  They were told that there was heavy rainfall 1 km away, but no more rain here until after the service completed and God had been praised. 
A few days later the team also blessed the orphans at the Wheresoever base, and a picture of the children's ministry. more

Mkhungwa Crusade, Dec 2015
After a church building was pulled down by traditional dancers in a neighboring village, there were similar threats to the existing church in Mkhungwa.  When the Wheresoever Team heard this, they decided to go subside the fear and repossess the land in the name of Jesus,  It was so encouraging to see so many people come to Jesus, including the ones who had been doing the threatening...  God came down powerfully and touched people, deliverance and healing were everywhere.  701 people came to Jesus.  We left people confessing Jesus is Lord. more

Strengthening the Church in Mikuyu, Dec 2015
The Wheresoever African Team went to encourage the Mikuyu church which they had previously planted.  It is so good to see how people are committed to the Lord, including the young ones you can see in the pictures.  The team said that they felt very much like they were saying "yes Lord, send ME to encourage all those who God loves in the African bush".  Later a crusade was held outside in the open air, and 173 received Jesus.  To God be the glory.  Renato and Tony were back in action - they were on Christmas break from the Bible School they are attending in South Africa. more

Moses and Eunice Have a Baby Boy, Nov 2015
This is a time for celebration. On Nov 27th, Comfort Blessed Chimwaza was born to Pastors Moses and Eunice, who have been a key part of Wheresoever for many years, and they have now formally started Wheresoever in Malawi. This calls for special rejoicing because they have been praying for a baby for six years now, and they have experienced some serious and painful difficulties along the way. But God is Good, He has answered the prayer of many intercessors across two continents. more 

Katsanya Church Pulled Down, Nov 2015
One of the Wheresoever church plants has had their brick church building attacked and destroyed. We understand that the nearby witch doctors were unhappy with the presence of Christians in the village. They complained that the curses and spells that they put on the Christians were not working, and people were losing confidence in them. So they arranged more

Malawi Crusade in Chiradzulu, Nov 2015
This outreach in Malawi was meaningful as Wheresoever expands outside of Mozambique. This is the first time that the two Wheresoever Councils in Malawi join forces to reach the lost. They are led by Moses from the Central Region (capital city Lilongwe) and Enesia in the Southern Region (largest city Blantyre). It was a two-day crusade, meeting twice each day. 2,611 souls came to Jesus during those two days. more 

Wheresoever 15th Anniversary Celebration, Nov 2015
Wheresoever started in the year 2000.
Lindy and Danny Bravo, the USA and African Wheresoever Teams, and many others interested in the ministry
                      thanked and praised God
                        for an amazing 15 years!

Procession of the Nations, Testimonies, Dance, Worship, and a Peek at the Future! more

Outreach to Ziwoya and Katondo Villages in Mozambique, Oct 2015
The African Team held a two-day crusade in Ziwoya.  1701 persons surrendered their lives to King Jesus. People were prayed for and they witnessed many healings and deliverances. The Chief and his wife attended and accepted Jesus. Widows and orphans were cared for. more

September Outreaches in Mozambique & Foursquare Annual Convention, Sep 2015
The African Team was very busy during September, with outreaches to three villages (Magwai, Nthetebeni, and Limbuni), helping widows and orphans, and a long but effective trip to the Mozambique Foursquare Church annual convention in Mocuba. more 

Mpanga Outreach in Mozambique & Radio Update, Aug 2015
Outreach to Mpanga village, considered one of the most resistant to the Gospel. The name means "murder" in Chichewa. The child in the picture had not been able to walk since birth, but thanks to Jesus is now walking.  And a brief update on the Wheresoever radio program broadcast over a large part of the Tete Province and now the most popular at this station. more 

Cuba MapVisit from Cuban Pastors, Aug 2015
Pastors Benjamin and Amanda Coca visited us here in Raleigh and the triangle, hosted by Wheresoever.  Benjamin and Amanda pastor a church and he is the Vice-President in the First Pentecostal Church in Cuba (Primera Pentecostal), and visited us with his wife Pastor Amanda.  They have very interesting backgrounds with lots of stories of Christian life in communist Cuba. more


Outreach at Chessa, July 2015
The African Team held a 2-day outreach at Chessa, very near the Malawi border. The team was warmly  welcomed and the outreach resulted in 965 souls coming to Jesus. more

Feeding Orphans and Widows in Malawi, July 2015
Wheresoever Ministries, in partnership with Hope of Glory Church based in Blantyre Malawi, held an outreach to help orphans and widows in Phalombe District which is on the eastern border of Malawi. more 

Israel FlagsIsrael, May 2015

This trip to Israel was a prayer assignment led by Mary Jones of the International Christian Dance Fellowship (ICDF). The purpose was intercessory prayer at strategic locations across the nation. Lots of prayer and some prophetic Christian dance. Pentecost morning in the Upper Room where the crowds broke out with loud prayer, praise and tongues and some hearing the sound of rushing wind. Refreshing. The team was composed of 13 persons from 8 different nations, including a key Wheresoever member. …read more

One of our treasured leaders in Africa is Enesia Chitheka Luwis, wife of our Southern African Director Kenneth Luwis Malunga, and a well known Christian recording artist in Malawi. For some time she has been dealing with kidney problems. We were all very concerned with her condition, so we are very happy to report that she had successful surgery in South Africa. more

Easter Outreaches in Mozambique, April 2015
The Wheresoever African Team was busy during the Easter timeframe. The local youth held outreaches the two days before Easter. There was a youth focus during Easter. And more major outreaches in two villages over three days the week after Easter. More than 1,400 persons received Jesus during that week, and one new church planted - thank you Lord. more

Outreaches in Songo & Estima Including New Church Plant, March 2015
The Wheresoever African Team returned to Songo after the head of the Wheresoever Council there, Pastor Abraham, requested our help. The team was very effective there with the help of the Holy Spirit, but was also led to nearby Estima after an incident with multiple murders took place there. God's presence was evident, with many salvations, miracles, signs and wonders, and an unplanned new church planted. more

Vila Ulongue Church Roof Completed, March 2015
The roof on the new church building for the Foursquare church that currently meets at the mission base has been completed. Wheresoever helped financially with a large portion of the roof expenses. Generous donations even overflowed and are still helping with part of the expense for doors and windows. , which are in progress now. This is a wonderful strategic achievement because this church is truly missions minded. It has been responsible for planting and overseeing 35 other churches. 3 of the churches planted by this one have already planted other churches. more

Iceland, Feb 2015
Lindy returned to Iceland briefly both to pray over the nation and also to encourage and reconnect with friends, pastors and churches that she knew from previous mission trips there. She was surprised by an unexpected invitation to pray and be interviewed on the radio. more