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Malaysia, Dec 2014
Journey to Malaysia by Lindy and Danny with multiple purposes. Two Christian dance and flags workshops, and assist with the varied ministry of two different pastors. It was also very refreshing to reconnect with old friends and to take a couple of days off at a nice hotel on the beach as a present from a very good friend. We praise God for the salvations, healings and deliverances that we have seen across Malaysia and other countries. more

Christmas Help to Orphans and Widows, Dec 2014

This Christmas, Wheresoever was able to provide a blessing of a few assorted items to orphans and widows in both Mozambique and Malawi. This is an important time to help the needy because in both countries this is referred to as the "hunger season" as they wait for the harvest in the spring. more

Nambalambo Outreach, Dec 2014
The Wheresoever African Team visited Nambalambo, a very remote village. more


Crusades and new church in Folotia, Sep/Oct 2014

New believers in Folotia rejoice in the Lord.  Crusades, baptisms, new church planted, still rejoicing even in the face of persecution. Thank you God.   ... read more 

Hope Chapel Team in Mozambique, Aug/Sep 2014
In late September, we were joined in Mozambique by the largest western team that has ever come to Mozambique with this ministry - nine persons plus Danny and Lindy. They were all from Danny and Lindy's home church in Apex, North Carolina, USA. We were amazed that during these two weeks+, we witnessed God performing the greatest number of healings that we have ever seen since we started in Mozambique so many years ago. And many of you know that we have seen Jesus do some pretty amazing things. So many deaf people regain their hearing that we actually lost count of them. A lady blind in one eye regained her sight in that eye. And so many other signs and wonders. Thank you Jesus. more

Weddings in Mozambique, Aug/Sep, 2014
Weddings are always so much fun. During this trip to Mozambique, A mass wedding with 15 couples while the USA team was here
, a good evangelist friend who used to live with us at the mission base, a young couple in a remote village. This is not too long after the weddings of part of our team as they mature into the path that God has for them, and many other weddings of pastors and others both in Mozambique and Malawi. Many of the weddings are couples that already considered themselves married but never had a ceremony or publicly declared their commitment to God or anyone else - very common in Mozambique and we encourage couples to marry in a godly setting. more

Reinforcing Previously Planted Church, Aug 2014
... we went to a village that we first visited there in 2010 ... We held our Sunday service there and then walked to the river quite a long way for yet another baptism.  ... she was trying to jump out the window and they were trying to hold her down.  I suppose it makes a lot of sense, demons can't stand worship, but I had never seen anyone trying to jump out of a moving car window before. more

Helping Orphans in Mozambique, May 2014

The Wheresoever African Team brought the orphans that we partially care for together at the mission base. The number of orphans is growing very rapidly, was 110, now 200. We help them regardless of religious background or not. more


Mozambique Changara Outreach, June 2014
The Wheresoever African Team went to the Changara District of the Tete Province of Mozambique on June 3rd. 11 Africans are going on the team, including 6 WSE Core Team members and 5 from our Vila Ulongue Foursquare church. Changara District is about a 5 or 6 hour drive from our mission base. The outreach is targeting two villages that started new churches as a result of evangelism at a funeral. more

Healings at the Wheresoever Mission Base, Feb 2014
Examples of healings at the Wheresoever mission base. A man gets out of his wheelchair, restoration of a marriage. more 

Wheresoever Radio Program Progress, Feb 2014
Wheresoever has been broadcasting a popular interactive Christian radio program for years. These are some comments from Kenneth at the mission base in Mozambique. more

Hope Chapel Apex Women's Retreat - Sept 19-21, 2014
Lindy was one of the main speakers for the retreat.  It was held at the Ridgecrest Conference Center in Black Mountain, NC.  The theme for this year's retreat was "ReDefined", discovering your true identity (Eph 1:18).  

We celebrated 10 Years in Mozambique with WSE, June 22 2014.
It's a bit over 10 years since Wheresover Ministries first went to Mozambique and we had a wonderful time of fellowship and celebration of God's tremendous work. We heard from Danny and Lindy, and had live worship, games, music, food and drinks, and a silent auction. God even blessed us with dry weather until a brief shower sent everyone inside just in time to bid at the auction.

Wheresoever Golf Tournament Fundraiser, Monday June 2 2014
A golf tournament was held as a fundraiser to help us continue our mission in Mozambique, and at the same time enjoying a game of golf.  God provided us with perfect weather for this event, and it certainly was as much fun as we were hoping for, and more.  
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