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Outreaches in Nansato and Matewere, Nov 2016
The Wheresoever African team held outreaches in the Mozambique villages of Nansato and Matewere, reaching out to the unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The next generation is getting training - as you can see in the picture, Ethel is preaching at the Nansato outreach. And Christiano is praying for the sick accoring to Mark 16:17 "...they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well." As a result, 195 souls came to Jesus in Nansato. 

In Matewere, the power of prayer was on display for all to see. The sound equipment had problems for four hours before everything worked. The team prayed and they were able to get some response from the equipment but it didn’t reach very far. But technical difficulties cannot stop the will of God - even as they struggled with the equipment, 217 lives came to Jesus. The team was told that witch doctors had been spreading their charms around before their arrival - they will not succeed. A woman was also healed of asthma. more

Women's Conference, Oct 2016
A women's conference was held at the Wheresoever mission base in Vila Ulongue on October 28-30, 2016:  The theme was “Women, RUN with the Gospel Of Jesus Christ”...  Many church branches were represented, many of which planted through Wheresoever. Roughly 600 persons attended...  One of the preachers was a 10-year-old girl named Ferre, teaching roughly 600 women on Luke 7:11-16, about Jesus raising a widow's son. She spoke confidently and without fear. This is important because in Africa it is not common to see children trained in the gospel. Many of them are guided away, trained in witchcraft or caught in prostitution. more

Israel, Sept 2016
Danny and Lindy spent two weeks prayer-walking through parts of Israel. Hadera, Nazareth, Tiberias, Capernaum, praying all the way around the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, and many places in between. Most of the travel using normal public transportation, buses, etc. It was very moving to pray around Nazareth where Jesus grew up and learned his carpentry, Capernaum where Jesus moved when he had to leave Nazareth and performed many of his miracles, and Jerusalem where he gave his life for us and then defeated death. more

West Magoe, Mozambique with US Team, Aug 2016
Tina joined Danny, Lindy and the African Team in Mozambique in order to go to West Magoe, one of the two areas in the Tete Province that Wheresoever had not yet covered to some extent. The Holy Spirit led us every step of the way. We even ended up crossing the mighty Zambezi River by boat and almost by accident were able to cover the last geograpic area of the province that we felt God had asked us to cover. This is important because now the focus can shift to infilling - helping the existing Wheresoever Councils and local pastors to spread the Gospel in areas closer to their homes. more 



Danny, Lindy & African Team in Mozambique, July-Aug 2016
Danny, Lindy and the African Team were together in Mozambique for most of July and August. There were crusades, baptisms, radio presentations, leader seminars, discussions with pastors, and many other activities. more

Malawi Outreaches & Graduation with US Team, June-Aug 2016
Wheresoever is expanding in Malawi. We have two Wheresoever Councils there. One covers Central Malawi and is based in Lilongwe headed by Moses, The second one covers Southern Malawi and is based in Blantyre, the second largest city in Malawi, headed by Lloyd Banda together with Enesia Chitheka Luwis, Kenneth's wife. Danny, Lindy and the African Teams were active with both councils during parts of June through August trip to minister in Malawi and Mozambique. more

Nthiti Village Outreach, June 2016
This outreach took place in Nthiti village where 340 lives got saved in the name of Jesus, including 2 village headmen. The Holy Spirit was present and touched many lives as you can see in the pictures. Jesus is coming soon, many places like this need to be reached with the gospel. People are very hungry for the gospel of Jesus Christ. SHALOM. more

Nkhanga Outreach, May 2016
The Wheresoever African Team reached out to a Mozambican village that has a reputation for being completely lost in tribal religions, ancestor worship and has great respect for "traditional dancers" which are not at all what their cute name implies.  People greatly fear each other and depend on witchcraft and beer.  Few children go to school.  Our team performed a drama showing that "with God, ALL things are possible".  Crusades were held over two days during which 1,352 persons accepted Jesus into their lives and two new church branches were launched. more

African Team Outreaches, April 2016
The Wheresoever African Team had a busy time reaching souls in Mozambique during April and part of May 2016.  They ran a number of outreaches and crusades across the Tsangano and Angonia districts of the Tete Province of Mozambique, including the villages of Khathiti and Mgwadara.  Mgwadara is one of the villages which had never been reached with the gospel, even though some of the villagers had been exposed to the Gospel in other villages.  More than 1,800 persons turned to Jesus during these outreaches. more

Thailand, Mar 2016
Danny, Lindy, Charles and Tina spent a brief time with friends at the Akha Foundation in Thailand.  The foundation includes an orphanage and Bible  School serving the Akha people, a large tribe spread across multiple Asian countries. The team enjoyed interacting with the orphans, watching the children deep in worship was a very moving experience.  It was nice to also be able to spend some time with the friends and their family.  We had a fun outing riding elephants at the end of the visit. more

Myanmar, Mar 2016
Danny and Lindy were joined by Charles and Tina from Raleigh, NC to go teach and encourage the students at a Bible School in Myanmar (formerly called Burma).  It was exciting to teach on various topics across different tribes and languages. 
The area is drug infested and it was interesting to pray into many of the local problems, such as young girls being sold to finance the parent's drug habits.  The team was honored to participate in the graduation of seven students, and the ordination of two pastors. more

Malaysia, Feb-Mar 2016
Danny and Lindy spent some weeks with good friends, some of which are also pastors. During that time they ministered and worshipped the Lord in several places of business, private homes and other places in this very interesting nation. The second half of the visit was spent running Christian Dance workshops as part of CDFM (Christian Dance Fellowship of Malaysia), in three cities in East Malaysia on the island of Borneo. more

China, Jan 2016
Danny and Lindy visited and ministered to a group of friends that they met via good friends of theirs, a couple who recently relocated to the US from China.  This is the second time Danny and Lindy met many of them, the first time during the visit a little over a  year earlier.  The picture at a Chinese beach reminds me of Jesus telling Peter and Andrew that he would make them fishers of men - and immediately they left their nets and followed him. more