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Orphans and Prisoners - Christmas Visits, Dec 2017

Wheresoever partnered with the Foursquare Church in Vila Ulongue to give basic gifts to the local orphans and generally just love on them. They also visited the prison again, to share some food, soap, vaseline, drinks and clothes. ...Read More

Restoration of a struggling church in Chirodzi, Dec 2017
One of the churches that Wherersoever launched about three years ago was struggling. We understood that the pastor had felt overwhelmed and simply walked away.  So in December we sent Kenneth with a small team and a smaller budget to investigate and take whatever action was necessary.....The church has been resurrected.  Hallellujah!  Not many members yet, and it was a struggle, but resurrected just the same.  We have a God of restoration.  ...Read More

GraduatesTeaching College Graduation of Wheresoever Girls, Dec 2017
I am excited to tell you about the latest three Wheresoever girls who just graduated from the local teaching college and are now available to be appointed by the government to teach at schools across Mozambique (that’s how it works here). In the past, Whereresoever has helped students reach a level of education that they would not have been able to attain on their own. This has included education in the Mozambican equivalent of high school, university and teaching colleges. The help has consisted of providing employment, providing accomodation  and food at the mission base, mentoring, spiritual growth, and involvement in all evangelistic activities as well as preaching and teaching local congregations. They are totally immersed as part of the Wheresoever African Team. ...Read More

Beautiful Wedding in Vila Ulongue, Dec 2017
Azeti and Deolinda were married in a beautiful December wedding at the Foursquare Church in Vila Ulongue. Kenneth officiated the wedding and Christiano assisted. Praise God that the Gospel is changing this new generation. Before Wheresoever came to town, weddings were rare. Outside Christian circles, people consider themselves married when they live together. Now they declare their commitments before God and the community.  ...Read More

Acts 9:31African Team Update, Sep, Oct, Nov 2017
Here is an exciting update of what’s been happening in Mozambique in the three months after the two large outreaches in July and August. Five new churches; exciting reports of the fire of Jesus taking hold again; Wheresoever Councils actively evangelizing and planting churches on their own; a resurrected car and bus (at least for now), progress in church buildings; and sadly, reports of Kenneth’s and Enesia’s fathers both graduating to life in glory. more

Outreach to Chiuta and Chifunde Districts, Mozambique, Aug 2017
Another outreach by the African team to areas where Wheresoever has ministered in the past, but has not been able to return for some time. 
There were interesting challenges throughout - government authorities not allowing the team to evangelize at first, one of the Wheresoever councils had dissolved due to the long time between visits, the car as usual giving the team trouble. But our God is almighty. He gave us the victory. Nearly 4,000 decisions for Christ in total, a new Wheresoever Council formed, three locations now exitedly following Jesus seeing fires re-lit. Thank you Lord. more

Outreach to Mutarara District, July 2017
The Wheresoever African Team completed a major outreach to the Mutarara District of the Tete Province of Mozambique... We celebrate that the trip was very successful. Altogether, roughly 6,600 persons accepted the freedom and light of Jesus Christ into their lives, two new churches were planted, and a new Wheresoever Council was formed... The team visited 7 locations within the district, holding leader seminars, crusades, showing the Jesus Film and other outreaches. more

Koreans Praying in England, June 2017
Danny and Lindy spent a week helping the Lighthouse Community Church to host a team of South Koreans who  are called to pray for revival in the UK. The whole Korean team was 250 persons, but the subset we helped to host was 9 of them. It was an honor to help to host and pray with them. We prayed in and around many churches in the area west of Southampton on the eastern edge of the New Forest. They are so serious about the need for prayer here that they also prayed each night from midnight to 5 am. They feel so passionate about revival in England because it was an English missionary who introduced Christianity in their country 150 years ago, and he gave his life in the process. more 

Church roof in Tete near completion, June 2017
The roof of thiis Hope of Glory church in Tete (the capital city of the Tete Province of Mozambique) is nearing completion. The building up of the walls and roof have been in progress for some time...  This church is important because it is in an influential city, and by far most of the churches we work with are in villages or small towns...   Danny Simoes pastors church. He's part of the Wheresoever African Team, usually referred to as Tall Danny. more


Hospital relief in Mozambique, May 2017
Received this report from Kenneth in Mozambique: Patients at the hospital praised God for the love they encountered when the Wheresoever Ministries team went to share the Word of God, pray for sick and give  gifts for  the needy. more

Wheresoever African Team activities, April 2017

The Wheresoever African team is still busy spreading the Word throughout the land and strengthening the existing Christians.  Outreaches, prayer and raising spiritual maturity with focus on Jesus Christ are some of the activities of the African Team during April.  They're also busy planning and arranging some major evangelistic plans that will be taking place in July and August. more

USA Dance and Flags Workshop at Hope Chapel, March 2017
Wheresoever held a Dance and Flags workshop at Hope Chapel, Lindy and Danny's home church in Apex, North Carolina.  It was open to all; dancers, future dancers, or anyone seeking to worship Jesus in new ways, regardless of church or denomination. more

Relief for Floods in Lilongwe, Malawi,  March 2017
 The rainy season in Malawi takes place roughly from November through February.  This year it hit especially hard in different areas of Malawi, including the capital city, Lilongwe.  Some lives were lost.  A number of families, including some of the Wheresoever Team volunteers, lost their homes as they were damaged or swept away by the rain.  Livestock and crops were lost.  The needs are great since this is the time period they call "hunger time", since the harvest has not yet arrived and prices spike as they compete for the scarce food. more

Orphans and Prisoners, New Year's Ministry, Jan 2017
Brief report received from Kenneth:  On New Year's Day, the Wheresoever African Team rounded up many of the local orphans and gave a few simple gifts to them. It was wonderful, we managed to share with children from  three villages...  The following day, the team went to preach and cherish the prisoners  in Vila Ulongue in Mozambique. There were 109 men , 5 women and 2 infants making a total of 116 . more