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Videos and Presentations included in Ministry Overview Page

   Ministry Pictorial Presentation (PDF File)
   Wheresoever Africa Presentation (Video, 9 min.)
   Children Praising the Lord in Katsanha, Mozambique (Video, 1 min.)
   Wheresoever Introduction (Video, <2 min.)
   "Rest in the Beloved" Worship Dance (Video, 5 min.)
   Mozambique Baptisms (Video, 2 min.)
   Praise and Worship in Trinidad and Tobago (Video, 4.5 min.)
   Wheresoever Christmas Poem (Video, 5 min.)

Additional Resources

   Hope Chapel Visit to Mozambique 2012 (Video, 36 min.)
   Hope Chapel Visit 2012 Exerpt - Background & C-Section Pain Healing (Video, 4 min.)
   Hope Chapel Visit 2012 Exerpt - Outreach & Blind Lady Healed (Video, 5 min.)
   Shake the Nations 2012 - Mozambique Wheresoever (Video, 9 min.)
   Wheresoever Ministries - Poeme Rhema Prayer (Video, 8.6 min.)
   Wheresoever Ministries - "At Rest" Bob Chevallier Singing (mp3, xx min.)