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Raleigh Wheresoever Praise/Prayer Meetings: Every Friday at 7pm   All are welcome!
The W
heresoever House of Prayer in Raleigh, NC, USA is presently the international base for Wheresoever Ministries. Praise & Prayer Meetings are held every week whether or not Danny and Lindy are in town. The meetings include praise, worship, prayer, teachings, sharing testimonies, etc. The Prayer Team and visitors seek the Lord, worship, and intercede for the world, local and global. As Lindy, Danny, and other members of Wheresoever return from the mission field, they are asked to minister, teach, and give presentations of various experiences from the journeys. Guest speakers participate occasionally. All are welcome to attend; if you are interested and want to find out more, please send an email to


Mozambique Tete Province - July/August 2017
On July 11th, the Wheresoever African Team started a set of mission trips to areas away from the mision base, but still in the Tete Province of Mozambique.  This is an effort to help, support and encourage areas and Wheresoever Councils that we have been to in the past but have not been able to re-visit for some time, except for one new town that is new to us.  Now that we have finally covered the whole province, our aim is to go back and reinforce all Wheresoever Councils in the foreseeable future.  This is the beginning of that effort.  It will take place during much of July and August.  During this period they will hold 3 seminars, will be busy in door-to-door evangelism, and will hold around 18 public outreaches.  Everywhere they will meet with local pastors and consider the best way of discipling all the new Christians, including the feasibility of starting new churches.  This map of the Tete Province of Mozambique shows the timing of their movements as planned at this time.  The dates on the map are subject to change, depending on the Holy Spirit.

Mozambique and Malawi African Teams
The Wheresoever African Teams in Mozambique and Malawi continously work tirelessly to bring the Gospel to the lost, to increase the maturity level and enthusiasm for evangelism and discipleship in existing churches, and to train and oversee the work of the many Wheresoever Councils in these nations.  This passionate work takes place year round, whether or not Danny, Lindy or short term mission teams are present.  Many of their activities are included in the "Recent Activities" and "Archives" pages in this website.  Kenneth leads the effort in Mozambique and oversees all the activities in the Southern African nations including Malawi.  Moses leads the team in Central Malawi and Lloyd together with Enesia lead the Southern Malawi team.  When mission teams from USA, England or other Western nations go to help and accelerate the progress, the African teams host them and incorporate them into the ongoing activities expanding the Kingdom of God.