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Colorful river in RigaLatvia, Nov 2018
Latvia celebrated its 100th anniversary; it became an independent nation on November 18th 1918.  Lindy and I were there not only to help them celebrate, but to also claim the land for Jesus through prayer.  ...  Throughout the long procession with torches winding through the old streets of capital city Riga, most thought this was a secular celebratory procession, but we were on behalf of the marching multitudes, proclaiming every step, every bit of covered ground, as belonging to our Lord Jesus Christ – praying for each individual person taking part in the march to get a revelation of the risen Christ and turn to Him. more

Lion flag on Scottish beach

Scotland, Oct/Nov 2018
Danny and Lindy joined a missions group from the Cary Church of God Church from North Carolina in Elgin and surrounding areas in the Scottish Highlands. This was a prayer assignment, proclaiming the land for Jesus, bringing down some of the demonic forces influencing the area. more

USA Team Mission Trip to Mozambique, Aug/Sep 2018
... they have taught 6 days of seminar in 3 locations, have taken part in 5 crusades, baptized around 70 people, preached or shared in 8 church or ministry services, and took part in 1 wedding, bought and distributed Bibles, went up mountains to pray, and more... 
The Holy Spirit has been active in so many ways including healings and deliverances. Six people who were totally blind can now see, plus some more that claimed their sight had improved. Many other healings including a lady who had sores inside her mouth that disappeared, many with pain related healings. I enjoyed hearing that one chief asked for the witch doctors present at the seminar to come forward for prayer, and some did. Changed lives. more

River of Life main viewMalaysia, Jul/Aug 2018
Danny, Lindy and Helen visited Malaysia on a prayer assignment ... shortly after a very surprising and unprecedented election when a coalition government won in the first regime change since the country’s independence in 1957. The new government stands for much more religious freedom and laws applied with much more racial equality. ... It became clear to us very quickly that this was a strategic time when prayer had to continue and should not be allowed to decrease after the victory, since the coalition government now needed to learn to work together. more

New Mission Base in Tete City, Mar 2018
Exciting news. As of March 20 2018, Wheresoever takes possession of a newly rented house to be used as a new Wheresoever Mission Base in Tete City, across the  road from the mighty Zambeze River. It is a much more central location in the province, making it much easier to access each of the other districts. It also opens up the ministry to a large pool of people to whom we can impart one of Wheresoever’s core visions, to spread the excitement of the Gospel to villages where other ministries generally don’t choose to go.  ...Read More

Team and missionariesCosta Rica BAM Meeting, Feb 2018
Charles B and Danny went to Costa Rica representing the Foursquare BAM (Business as Missions) team. The purpose was to take a step in encouraging Latin American Christians to be more involved in running or being part of Christian businesses. Also to be more aware of different ways to show the love of Jesus as part of secular businesses. Ministry in the workplace is so often overlooked as a way to reach those who may never step into a church building.  ...Read More

Mexican FlagTizimin Mexico, Jan 2018
Danny went to Tizimin, Mexico together with Tina Fowler and Morgan Finley. This visit with just three of us was for a very specific purpose; to encourage pastors and congregations to spend more time outside the church buildings loving on the community.  One of the focus areas was to encourage them to step out with the authority that God has bestowed on each one, to supernaturally heal the sick among them in the name of Jesus. ...Read More