Relief for Floods in Lilongwe, Malawi - March 2017

Flood damage to building
Food relief arrives
Dance of thanksgiving
Crops washed away
Sharing with others
Going home to feed the family

The rainy season in Malawi takes place roughly from November through February.  This year it hit especially hard in different areas of Malawi, including the capital city, Lilongwe.  Some lives were lost.  A number of families, including some of the Wheresoever Team volunteers, lost their homes as they were damaged or swept away by the rain.  Livestock and crops were lost.  The needs are great since this is the time period they call "hunger time", since the harvest has not yet arrived and prices spike as they compete for the scarce food.  There will be some financial relief from the government, with help from the international community.  But that takes time and the families are very hungry.  We are pleased to report that a number of donors have made it possible for Wheresoever to be able to offer some temporary relief in terms of food and basic needs.  Wheresoever Malawi received some relief funds in February and significantly more in March, and was able to pass all of it to the needy families.  Food, buckets, and blankets along with some limited resources for additional food items were distributed.  Pastor Kenneth said “We thank God for all who have donated towards this disaster.  May God bless you.”