African Team Outreaches, April 2016

The Wheresoever African Team had a busy time reaching souls in Mozambique during April and part of May 2016.  They ran a number of outreaches and crusades across the Tsangano and Angonia districts of the Tete Province of Mozambique, including the villages of Khathiti and Mgwadara.  Mgwadara is one of the villages which had never been reached with the gospel, even though some of the villagers had been exposed to the Gospel in other villages.  More than 1,800 persons turned to Jesus during these outreaches.


Kanthiti Village

This is a large village where 1,360 souls were saved during the two-day outreach.  The crusade was held outside the chief's home.  He offered us a shelter for people to meet on Sundays.  With the people wanting to attend, this means that a church was born and will start meetings the Sunday following the outreach.  Praise God!



Mgwadara Village

There was celebration in heaven when 525 people gave their lives to Jesus during two daysof outreach.  As you can see in the pictures, some were healed, some demons were cast out.  People were sitting on the grass listening to the Word of God, showing their hunger for Jesus.  The village headman thanked God for this crusade which had never happened here before. A new church will also be launched here in the very near future.