African Team Update - Sep, Oct, Nov 2017

Here is an exciting update of what’s been happening in Mozambique in the three months after the two large outreaches in July and August. Five new churches; exciting reports of the fire of Jesus taking hold again; Wheresoever Councils actively evangelizing and planting churches on their own; a resurrected car and bus (at least for now), progress in church buildings; and sadly, reports of Kenneth’s and Enesia’s fathers both graduating to life in glory.

New Churches

Acts 9:31
Church Bldg Skeleton

New church building - first step after
"under a tree". This picture is from a previous
church planted in Maguay, but a nice
example of what it looks like.


It is exciting to see 5 new churches born in the last 3 months. This is in addition to the 2 churches started during the July/August outreaches. After the Wheresoever African Team went to Mutarara in July, local pastors got together and held their own crusade where 165 people came to the Lord, and that is where they started yet another church in Njale near Vila Nova. The rainy season has now started, so they will hold a baptism when the rain gets stronger. The pastors not only in Mutarara but also in Chifunde and Cassacatiza are reporting that they are very thankful for what God is doing in their churches. Since the outreaches, people are freely praying for the sick and many are getting healed while worshiping Jesus. They reported that since the outreach, local pastors have led 217 people to Jesus. In Cassacatiza, the District Commissioner (head of the government there) complained that when he called pastors to pray for the country, nobody would show up. After the outreach it seems like they cannot wait to get together and pray. The pastors keep asking Wheresoever to return next year to hold another seminar, as they feel they learned so much from the last one, and they are prepared to share more of the financial and food provision burden to make it more possible to happen. To God be the Glory.

And during the July/August outreaches when the core Wheresoever Team was out in Mutarara, Chiuta and Chifunde Districts, the rest of the people near the mission base were out evangelizing closer to home. As follow-up to this, 4 more churches were started in Angonia and Tsangano Districts during September/October.

However, there are two churches started some time ago that seem to be struggling. One because of a pastor that has stepped aside because of the rigors of the work, and the second the result of a pastor having mismanaged church funds. We are preparing a small team to go there (Chirodzi and Estima) as soon as possible to address the situation and help them focus their eyes back on Jesus.

Foursquare Mozambique National Convention

Kenneth anointed
Kenneth anointed

Twenty-five pastors from Tete Province churches that we have helped to raise up were able to attend this year, even though it is so far – need to cross through the whole of Malawi to reach that part of Mozambique. It’s important that this keeps happening because the Tete pastors seem to infuse some fire in the pastors from other areas of Mozambique. This year there were additional blessings, 6 pastors that had been operating as elders in churches planted by Wheresoever were ordained after having completed their training. This is so key to continued growth as the number of churches keeps multiplying. Another blessing was that our beloved Kenneth who has been so actively caring for and growing Foursquare churches (among other denominations), was formally appointed as Supervisor of Foursquare Tete Province. Even though that does not imply any change in what he does for the Lord, it is nice to see it recognized. 

Kenneth and Enesia Grief

Kenneth's Dad
Kenneth's dad in hospital

This season has been difficult for Kenneth and Enesia. Kenneth’s father went to be with Jesus in October and Enesia’s father followed in November. Please help us to pray for their hearts to be mended, for their mothers, both still with us, who need provision and peace as they adjust to a new life after so many years.

Enesia's dad
Enesia's dad, Bishop Chitheka (right) in
happier times, with Kenneth and 2 grandchildren
at first family university graduation


Enesia’s father, Bishop Chitheka, moved from his home in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) to Malawi, and  preached the gospel everywhere he could. He ended up starting a denomination in Malawi, Forward in Faith. We always felt that the African side of Wheresoever was simply an extension of his  ministry, arranged by God. As sad as it is to see him go, it is encouraging to think of him standing next to Jesus cheering us on from heaven.

Another challenge has been Enesia’s health. Many of you will remember that she has had recurring kidney related problems for some years. She has had two surgeries, one in Malawi and another in South Africa, and went for a third one in India when at the last minute the surgeon saw that she had been healed so no surgery was necessary. The situation is back now, she’s blocked again. We’re seriously praying for another healing.  Please join us in prayer.

Matundu Church Building


Matundu is the second church that Kenneth is pastoring, right outside Tete City. This is where we are planning to relocate Kenneth whenever we are able, so that Jesus can reach more city people, and Wheresoever can more easily reach the whole of the Tete Province. They have been meeting in a rented school room available only on Sundays, and have been working on a church building (see pictures), financing it themselves. The walls are nearly finished. However, financing the roof has been very difficult, and they are concerned now that the rainy season has started. Please pray that the walls withstand the strong rains, and that they are able to find a financial solution for the roof.

Car Replacement

I think you are all aware of our desperate need for a newer car, hopefully a Toyota Land Cruiser. We thank God that because of your generous donations, we have been able to collect some funds toward the car. However, we’re still a long way from the needed funds to buy a newer rugged car, probably between $15,000 and $20,000 depending on the car. We know that God will provide everything that is needed just at the right time, without having to slow down or stop the ministry focus of saving and discipling souls in the bush. Obviously it may take some time to collect the funds. So let me explain one of the many blessings of our loving God that we keep seeing.

Car being worked on

Prayer for the newer car had increased tremendously recently when our current Land Rover died during one of the recent funerals, the engine finally gave up. However, a mechanic at the funeral went and found an old very used engine block and offered to replace the engine block at a small fraction of the regular cost. A few days later, our faithful hard working Land Rover was resurrected, for a total cost of $400. It seems to be working fine now. We don’t know for how long – maybe a month, maybe a year, maybe longer. This is clearly Jesus arranging everything so that His work can continue until His perfect timing comes and we can replace the car. THANK YOU JESUS !!! 


Many of you know that our old 23-seater bus has been out of commission for some time, needing a new gearbox. The bus is needed for specific ministry activities, especially when short term missions teams come from USA, UK or elsewhere, since it is VERY expensive to rent another old one during a team visit. Well, I am happy to let you know that we have now adapted another gearbox, and the bus is up and running again. Of course, it needs 6 new tires since the ones we have are extremely bald, new batteries, and annual tax and government documents need to be brought up to date. But it is a real blessing to see the bus will be back in the dugout ready to play when called upon. God is good!

The plan is to use it very sparingly for ministry purposes only. Previously it was going down to Tete almost every day, an almost five-hour drive in each direction over sometimes rough road, so it was breaking down every 2-3 months. So now we pray that reserving it only for appropriate use, it will last and be very fit for its purpose.

For a small test, the bus was used to take the Sunday School children to the mountain for extended prayer. The bus did fine, but the real blessing was seeing the children and hearing how intently they are seeking Jesus’ face.

Bus 1  Bus 2  
Children outside bus - waving at you