Ambato Ecuador Ministry to Kychwa Indians, May 2013

Lindy, Glenda Abbe, and Robbie Mahatha went to Ecuador to minister to the Kychwa Indian women in the Ambato area from May 2 to 14 2013. Glenda is our long time missionary friend, and Robbie is part of the Wheresoever USA core team. They were hosted there by Pastor Guillermo Vasconez who has been ministering to the Kychwa Indians for many years. They taught, preached, danced and encouraged at a number of churches while there, and in the Kychwa women's Bible school where they also learn to read. There was a visit to El Comedor, the ministry that gives an opportunity to poor Kychwa children to eat and have some education, and which they have affectionally named “the place of a hundred hugs” after previous visits. The whole time they were within sight of a very unhappy volcano, spewing ash all over the place.  Lindy enjoyed listening to all kinds of musical instruments never seen before.

The second week, after Glenda and Robbie had left, Lindy went to the Church of God Kychwa Bible School to teach, pray and take them through a evangelistic drama workshop.  The pastors were very responsive and felt they had an encounter with the Holy Spirit.  One of the staff was healed of a bad headache after prayer.  There is an invitation to return.

The US team felt that they made a difference in the spiritual atmosphere there.