Church roof in Tete near completion, June 2017

The roof of thiis Hope of Glory church in Tete (the capital city of the Tete Province of Mozambique) is nearing completion. The building up of the walls and roof have been in progress for some time. The church congregation has financed all the building work, except for a small-ish donation towards the roof from Wheresoever. The church has been meeting there all the time during the construction, This church is important because it is in an influential city, and by far most of the churches we work with are in villages or small towns.

Danny Simoes pastors church. He's part of the Wheresoever African Team, usually referred to as Tall Danny. He has asked for additional help if possible, because the congregation feels like they are at the limit of their capabilities and are very tired of the church focusing on a building project. Another $800 would allow them to buy the remaining necessary iron sheets for the roof, and they would then take care of the rest.

These couple of pictures are of Enesia preaching in this church. Many of you will remember her, Kenneth's wife, who had all the medical issues around her kidney and the blockage was healed by Jesus when she went for her third surgery, this time in India. We are so thrilled that she has never stopped ministering and heavily impacting those.that she ministers to, even during the difficult times when many were questioning whether she would survive. Even at the hospital in India, many found Jesus because of her,. And she was able to use the funds set aside for the surgery to fix her teeth which were mostly missing. She was preaching at this church after some time of ministry at the Wheresoever mission base. The blockage problem was healed and has not returned, and we pray that it never will, although she still gets frequent infections that she needs to deal with. God is so good!