Costa Rica BAM Meeting, Feb 2018

Sawmill a Sawmill b
Sawmill c
Sawmill d Farm animals
Sawmill business

Charles B and Danny went to Costa Rica representing the Foursquare BAM (Business as Missions) team. The purpose was to take a step in encouraging Latin American Christians to be more involved in running or being part of Christian businesses. Also to be more aware of different ways to show the love of Jesus as part of secular businesses. Ministry in the workplace is so often overlooked as a way to reach those who may never step into a church building.

Josiah and CynthiaWe visited a missionary couple, Josiah and Cynthia Hubbard, in a remote mountanous area of Costa Rica on the edge of the rain forest. The reason the meeting was held there was because of the sawmill business they have been running as a Christian mission to that area of the country. They also keep some farm animals, have some fish ponds and are experimenting with keeping bees with a view to start another business with honey and other related products.  Since they were able to acquire the mountain where the mill is to ecologically supply the trees, they are also in the initial steps of planning a Christian resort hotel that Costa Ricans can afford as well as foreigners. All of this being run with Christian values that will shine from the top of the hill.

Group session
Group Session
Team and missionaries
Part of team and missionaries

Many pastors and leaders had been invited and intended to come, but due to unforeseen circumstances most had to cancel. But God works in mysterious ways; it soon became obvious that so much more could be accomplished and vision imparted in a small intimate group. In the end there were commitments to spread the vision through two denominations in Colombia as well as Costa Rica. For my own personal part, I came out with the intention to restart the encouragement of different groups in Mozambique to run with the vision – I doubt that they had any idea that through this meeting they would be impacting part of Africa.

View from house site
View from site where missionaries' house
will be built
Guest house next to sawmill
Guest house being built
next to sawmill

Lunch with missionaries
Lunch with new friends
Missionary car
Land cruiser reminds me
of Africa


It was a real treat to also enjoy seeing and experiencing the local area. From meeting and learning about other missionaries there, to seeing a mountain lion paw print at the dege of the jungle (I wasn’t too nervous), to letting a waterfall cascade down into my head, to seeing a volcano erupting in the distance. I had a very enjoyable time.        

Beautiful waterfall
Blood of Jesus
Plant is called "Blood of Jesus"
(hearts are natural, only on bottom)