Danny, Lindy & African Team in Mozambique, July-Aug 2016

Danny, Lindy and the African Team were together in Mozambique for most of July and August. There were crusades, baptisms, radio presentations, leader seminars, discussions with pastors, and many other activities. It was a very exciting time and much ministry was accomplished in addition to the opportunity to discuss future activities and visions together. During that time, Tina joined us to go to West Magoe and complete the first phase of the Mozambican assignment that God has given Wheresoever. This part of the trip is not included here, but in a separate report. The parts included here all took place not very far from the Wheresoever Mission Base. 

Danny wrote two email reports from the field sent July 20th and August 2nd, and Lindy sent one on July 22nd that was a little more in-depth about what was happening at the time.  All three are included below, with minor changes and in some cases removal of more private information.


Report from Mozambique July 20th (from Danny)

Hi Prayer Partners.  We want to thank you for your prayer support.  But you will see below that much more prayer is still necessary.  We've now been in Africa three weeks, and it has been very eventful, even if not very close to what we had planned.  We do love how the Holy Spirit leads us.

Driving on the way to Mozambique with Kenneth, Christiano, Moses and new team member Amilton, the car broke down.  We were very slowly and barely able to make it to Dedza, the highest town in Malawi, where we stayed at the home of the director of an orphanage (on picture on left with red sweatshirt), where we got to minister to some of the children that were there.  We all felt that somehow the Holy Spirit had led us there, and felt blessed at so many levels.  We had just met the director some days before in Lilongwe and she had offered her home to us if we ever needed it.  Amazing timing!  The morning after we stayed, the grandfather of two of the children there passed away - more ministry time and prayer was obviously needed, as the pastor wept on my shoulder.  The whole timing of these things directed by the Holy Spirit.    Then we somehow were able to cross the border into Mozambique, on the last possible day that our Malawi visas allowed.  Lindy and I were "rescued" and taken directly to the Sunday service at the new church building fondly referred to as the cathedral.  The first Sunday service that Lindy and I are able to attend in the new big church building, now with roof, floor and doors.  It didn't even bother us that we were so dirty, still wearing the previous day's travel clothes. 

Kenneth and Christiano, still driving the car very slowly and having to stop every few minutes, finally made it to the service at the very end, in time to announce that if the enemy was so interested in diverting us, we were going to hold services every evening for the next week ending with an overnight service on Friday night.  It's part of their path to continue the transformation into the Christians that Jesus wants them to be.  I find it so encouraging that every night, the base was packed, between 60 and 85 people praising, worshiping, praying, and honoring our God in every way they could fathom.  And the overnight service had even a lot more.  I love the energy and raw passion that goes into these services, leading to some of the deepest worship that I have experienced in some time.  Lindy preached every day on transformation, righteousness, holiness, including the practical day-to-day aspects.  The week ended in an overnight service   After that amazing week, services continue on an almost daily basis.  Last Sunday was very special with many people baptized in the Spirit.

On Saturday we brought together the pastors of the 40 Foursquare churches that Wheresoever has taken part in planting.  A very moving experience, a big part of the meeting was their sharing specific problems they're going through at this time, with the rest of the pastors giving them advice on how to handle them.  Many of the problems resembled ones that we commonly see in the West.  But there were a number of them that you would only see in the local culture - interesting to apply Kingdom culture which runs world-wide.  Lindy and I felt very honored to be part of this process and were able to contribute from a Kingdom point of view.  We were so very movewd to see all the multiplication in an area that previously had no Foursquare churches.  The pastors are very open about needing more Biblical knowledge, so we are still hoping that the Bible School will re-open.  

The enemy keeps trying to lash out.  You may remember that just over a year ago, Enesia, Kenneth's wife, had surgery in South Africa, to unblock her ureter, the tube between the kidney and the bladder.  Well, she's now blocked again, and we're waiting for the Lord to totally heal her, she's getting prayer from around the world, please join in the prayer.  In the meantime, as an emergency she now has a tube coming out of her body and a bag outside acting as her bladder.  And as we wait for the answer to prayer, all possible options are now being considered.  So Kenneth went to Malawi to be with her and had to miss the whole special week plus half of last week.  

The car needed a new head gasket, repairs on the turbo charger and other things.  So Christiano missed most of that time as well.  And Moses needed to go back to Malawi during that time. Lindy and I were left holding the fort at the base, fun, together with some of the young men, and young women who so faithfully volunteer to come cook, clean and generally help us every way they can.  Kenneth, Christiano and Moses finally returned and we've been discussing the future directions of the ministry in Africa, the need and strategy to move the mission base to Tete City; possible ways to reach the village pastors with more Biblical and pastoring education; possible ways to make the African ministry more self-sustainable in the mid-term, and of course re-scheduling all the upcoming activities, which have been totally changed around from their original plans.

So now we're getting set to take off on a crusade and baptism in Domue, a major seminar and set of crusades in Macanga, many villages coming together in Limbuni for what is referred to as Big Sunday, two additional crusades in Malawi this time in the south (setting some time aside to visit with Enesia in Blantyre), then another crusade and baptism in Liveranje back in Mozambique where Christiano's mother lives, with a number of villages attending.  Then Tina will join us from the USA in August to go to the really remote area in West Magoe that we don't even know anyone who has ever stepped in.  A very full schedule so I won't even mention the activities after that yet!

Please pray for energy and stamina for Lindy, myself and everyone else on the team, for no more breakdowns of the car and, total healing for Enesia.  Also for God to either provide more funding, or make us capable to squeeeeeze the budget to make up for all the unexpected expenses we've had.  We WILL complete the task that the Holy Spirit has put before us and are very confident that He will make it possible. Although if we have to we would even be willing to adjust the size of the team, the type of food we eat, the accomodation on the go (or lack of), or whatever else is necessary.  And I'm sure you will know so many ways to pray about all this that we haven't even thought of yet.  We would appreciate any prophetic words that the Holy Spirit may impress on you as you read this.

On this side, we continue to pray that the Lord will bless each of you abundantly, even in ways you have not yet even asked Him to.

      Danny, Lindy and the African Team     


Report from Mozambique, July 22nd (from Lindy)

Yesterday was busy, with Moses translating for me in the Foursquare womens meeting, then we went to the Radio Station. I felt I was to speak about God's heart for the poor. Moses received a call after from a man. "The message was so powerful, I am much touched".

Kenneth had a visitor the previous day, an old Pastor born in Mozambique but retired from his church in Malawi, and returned and starting up a church here back in Mozambique. He is finding it difficult as the situation here is so different. He had been much encouraged by the Wheresoever radio program and we invited him to join us to give his testimony. I asked him his age, 85y, and planning to go to Tanzania to preach as well! He told me his legs are strong. Danny had prayed for him the previous evening service and he had told Danny he felt very "light". He also followed from the other side of town to last night service, I heard Tall Danny speak that God was pleased with him. The old man stayed and talked with the Church Administrator after, so I think we may have adopted the darling man who cannot stop himself preaching the Gospel!

Sunday I was again overcome with tears as to how much has been achieved in the main Foursquare church. My annual thought that if that was all we had achieved here, it was most wonderful for the Kingdom. For the first time I actually believe it will stand with or without Kenneth and the Team. There are 4 leading Pastors but the Church Administrator is the overall in charge. Numbers have increased and many look better dressed, a testimony to God's provision. There are quite a few who have gone back into education to improve. Plus four cars and a whole bunch of motor cycles out side the Church! That is very impressive in a place like this. Oh, and there is a water tap on the land with meter, from the city. This is the first time we see this, such a contrast from the city as it was when we first came.

Watching Moses' confidence and conviction in his calling is a joy. He is carrying a greater authority. Last night we hurried back to the base for what has been nearly every night services. This week all Holy Spirit, including teaching by Danny. Pastor Alex was first, looking and acting just like Kenneth. Then Tall Danny spoke. He has his own style, not the shouting but still passionate. He comes across as a gentle giant with a solid message. Convicting in his words and then in the ministry time, declaring, "not by power, not by strength but by My Spirit says the Lord". I just had tears, to think how the Lord has taken this son of the ministry through so many difficulties. Here he stands, too much to tell you of what happened. Just to say it was at a whole new level of visitation in the service. I can not help praising and thanking God for all that we are a part of. After some months I am feeling strongly something good is coming and if these are the signs, awe and wonder are round the corner. Hold on my friends. Tall Danny has started a Hope of Glory church in Tete they outgrew the classroom and met outside. Now with 300 members they meet on a place with no walls but are building them up as they go.

Last Sunday when most had left after the first of the Holy Spirit services started by Kenneth, many had been touched and many deliverances. One man was curled up in a fetal position after falling to the ground during the worship. He later became violent. Many young men could not hold him to stop him hurting himself. They have a technique since they see these things all  the time. Then the man's face looks very old and he is slithering on the floor, suddenly trying to bite people. Eventually he is delivered with much spit drooling out of his mouth. He slept then stood. He was one of the youth choir, and says he loves Jesus, lives at his job, we don't know if feasible, but were hoping to take him in. The team says it has now happened three times. In one of the previou times, the voice from the boy said the he is lucifer and has sent many of his children to this church, and has come himself to see why we are 'killing' them. Or from our perspective rescuing them from darkness!! What an amazing God of the Universe we serve. Hallelujah! I then met a young man to ask who can stand and pray with the other. This one turns out to be the leader of the youth intercessors, delightful.

Today we go for the first outreach further afield. Tomorrow back there for baptism. Next week even farther for a seminar and outreach in Furancungo, Macanga. Our faith is high that all will be done according to The Lord's plan.

I have also listened to the dance remark. Having always been careful not to change the style here I now see the influence of the surrounding nations and even the Christian television. So I have been more open.

Thank you for all your prayers and all you do for The Lord's Wheresoever Ministries.
Love and abundant blessings,


Report from Mozambique, August 2nd (from Danny)

Hi again prayer partners.  Seems like such a long time since the last update, but I see it's been less than two weeks.  We've been SOOOO BUSY, not a lot of time to keep you updated, and your prayer is so important to the success of this mission.  It has been very exciting to keep witnessing what God is doing all across this land.  But at the same time, we have been so aware of our decreasing energy levels as we march on as a small part of the Lord's army.  Lindy's fighting a cold now which we are confident will be gone in less than another day, she has been a real trouper, not letting anything get in the way of her God-given assignments.  As I write this we are on the way from the Mozambique base to Blantyre in Malawi where together with Wheresoever Malawi there will  be 6 days of crusades in nearby village South Lunzu.  We will also get to visit with Enesia who will also be preaching at the crusades, medical issues will not stop her.  The reason I can write this now is because we had to stop in Balaka, 3/4 of the way to Blantyre - another breakdown !  On my last update you may remember that we had to skim the engine head.  Since then, we've had to fix the clutch pressure plate and cobble together a fix in the bush for the broken brake fluid line caused by the heavy shaking on the rough roads which caused the brake calipers to fall off.  So this trip we found ourselves with no brakes again and needing to fix it properly this time.  We do ask you to please keep praying for the car, we need it badly to keep growing the Kingdom.  And even pray for a newer replacement car, this one is feeling more like a great grandma in army boots, and repair costs are getting to be ridiculous.



The baptism in Domue was tremendous fun.  41 people were planned to be baptized, but I have no idea how many more unplanned ones were also baptized, some immediately after receiving Jesus.  It was a great celebration.  As usual a handful of people were freed from demonic influence, manifesting as they came out of the water.  God is awesome!  We do what we feel God calling us to, and God does so much more - It's not until I saw the pictures that I realized that many of the bystanders on the bridge were also accepting Jesus into their lives.  The crusades and teaching the day before and then immediately before the baptism were also exciting.  I can't wait until the next baptism this coming Sunday afternoon.

The day after the Domue baptism, we went down to Limbuni Village, where four neighboring village churches had come together to worship the King of Kings with us.  They are relatively new church plants.



Then we headed over on a four-hour drive to Macanga on a rough dirt road to run a 3-day seminar and crusades.  On the way there, you guessed it, car breakdown - this was the brakes that I was talking about before.  As we keep seeing time and time again, God takes advantage of all these situations.  The tiny village we were forced to stop at was ripe for the Word.  Didn't  take long to befriend them, the two women in training from Wheresoever Malawi helped greatly, immediately embracing babies and chatting to the women about Jesus.  Not long after that, they accepted Jesus, praise God! You can see some of the new Mozambican Wheresoever trainees keenly recording the event with pictures  The man on the ground was drunk with his friends laughing at him - in the middle of my prayer for him, he closed his eyes and fell under the power of the Holy Spirit.  In faith, I declare that he will soon be a respected member of that village.  We stopped there briefly again on the way back and were able to distribute some of our bread to them.  Interestingly, the other half of the team (including Lindy) had a flat tire in their minibus a few hours earler.  It was only when we stopped on the return that we realized that their flat tire was in exactly the same place as our breakdown.



The seminar in Macanga turned out to be very interesting.  When we arrived, we found that the pastors were undergoing some confusion, disunity and disagreements regarding some points of doctrine.  And it had not helped that the host church had recently accepted two new pastors that had been found to be of questionable character and dismissed.  The state of affairs there was leading many Christians to wonder whether they wanted to stay in the church.  Again, God is faithful!  Our arrival could not have been any more timely.  To address the situation, we decided to keep the seminar small, with only pastors and current leaders attending.  By the time we left, it seemed like all the issues were in the distant past.  The first day it seemed we were walking through mud - we saw a great improvement on the second day.  By the time we finished on the third day, there was celebration, and the pastors obviously collaborating again.  Their testimonies on the last day confirmed their appreciation and how they were making adjustments to work in unity.  At 5am each morning (see first picture below), the Wheresoever team was deep in prayer for the region, and for Tina and Bryan with their team that was currently in Mexico.  At the outreaches and crusades in the afternoon and evenings, there were at least 500 persons embracing Jesus over the three days.

We praise God for the mindset and humor that help to get us through all the challenges.  Thank you for reading all this and praying into it.  I hope you're as excited as we are, as together we continue to push back the darkness and bring hope to these wonderful people that God loves so much.  Please remember to pray about Malawi over the next few days, for the safe arrival of Tina on August 11th, and then for our big push to the western Mozambique border.  We still sense that we are supposed to reach past our last known village and council in Mucumbura, and continue west through a total bush area to the Zimbabwe border.  We want to explore so that in the future we can consider planting communities of new believers in what looks like a forgotten area.

All for Jesus,
       Danny, Lindy and the African Wheresoever teams