Danny and Lindy in Mozambique, June - September 2012

Danny and Lindy were in Mozambique starting the end of June until October. 

During that time, these were some of the activities:

    - Strengthening the Wheresoever African Team through mentoring and training.
    - Ministering to mostly local churches focusing on the Foursquare church that meets at the Wheresoever mission base.
    - Re-building the Angonia Wheresoever Council which was growing weak.
    - Weddings of 2 of our African Core Team members. Cesario & Magreth, and Ernest & Mary.
    - Involvement in the building of the foundation of the large church building being built by the Foursquare church currently meeting at the mission base.
    - Took part in Shake the Nations 2012.

The Land Rover had a serious accident and was repaired during that time.