Ecuador – Nov 2009

In November of 2009, Lindy, Glenda, Shirley and Lorena went to Ambato, Ecuador, mainly to minister to the Kychwa Indian ladies.  The trip is summed up in the agenda below ...

We will all ride together to Ambato to the mission station, where we will be staying.

Tuesday - AM  resting and organizing (we may put together our little gift bags for the Kychua conference.)
                 PM  Visit Mi Tambo Orphanage....Likely we will just visit here.  Some will be in school.  Maybe Shirley can have a game or something prepared, just in case we need it.

Wednesday - One day we will be visiting Bro. Victor's day care center and sharing with the children, (Shirley I can share here, along with you.  Maybe we can have a small toy for each one before we leave. and preaching that night at his Kychua Indian Church in Ambato or possible an Indian church outside Ambato (not decided yet).

Thursday - The other day will be for visiting Banos to sightsee and shop.  We will be preacing at a church in Ambato at night.

Friday & Saturday - Kychwa Indian Conference..   About 9:00 until about 4:00 pm each day.  We will have our water and a box lunch with us.  The theme will be Healing for the Whole Man......which will cover spiritual, mental and physical healing, inside and out, including marriage and family, etc.   Shirley will be working with the children.  They are adorable.

 Sunday - Morning Preaching in a church.
                Afternoon visit to Quisapincha - leather town

Monday - Travel to Quito, visit the equator and shopping., overnight at Savoy Hotel for the 3 preparing to leave the next morning, and 3 will be staying iand their ministry plans are being worked on.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION......We will be at a very high elevation on this trip.  Some people have a mild headache and ned ASPIRIN, which thins the blood, stops the headache and allows you to sleep more easily. You are also very near the Equator, and even though it will be cool, you need sunscreen to  protect you neck and other exposed area.  It happens quick if you are unprepared.  You may need a lightweight jacket, and more, if you are cold natured.  Water will be available for us.  Whatever you do, DO NOT BRUSH YOUR TEETH WITH THE SINK WATER.  If you forget, immediately use mouthwash.  You likely will mess up your stomach or digestive system. Some people like to carry a travel antibiotic to cover stomach problems or whatever, on the trip.  Most doctors will give you this prescription, if you ask for it.  It's rarely needed, but a good precaution.

 Here are some of the pictures we took during the journey: