Enesia Praise Report, May 2015

One of our treasured leaders in Africa is Enesia Chitheka Luwis, wife of our Southern African Director Kenneth Luwis Malunga, and  a well known Christian recording artist in Malawi. For some time she has been dealing with issues with her kidney. We were all very concerned with her condition, so we are very happy to report that she had successful surgery in South Africa.

This is a praise report email sent by Danny:  

Hello prayer partners.  I would like you to join us in praising the Lord for the blessings He has poured on Enesia.  Everything has turned out very well as far as I can see.  Enesia is so much better now, her kidney is back to normal size, she can stand up straight, and she will continue to improve as she recovers.  We prayed for supernatural healing, and God answered through the hands of a surgeon.  Enesia had her surgery in Durban, South Africa where the doctor said he "had a really good clean-out" of the ureter (the tube that connects the kidney to the bladder).  He said it was not a stricture as we had thought, but extensive fibrosis (or extensive scar tissue).  A second surgeon was flown in from Johannesburg to help with the procedure.  By now, the catheter and clips have been removed, and a week later the stent was removed (that's today).  I realize that there are no guarantees of no reoccurrence, but let's all pray that it will never come back.  We have a big, powerful and amazingly loving God.

The doctor has been great.  He answers text messages at all hours.  He even decided to perform one procedure, the insertion of the stent, for no charge.  Everything is good now.  Enesia is still complaining of pain here and there, but she understands that it's normal post surgery pain.  The doctor sounds very happy.  She has a checkup scheduled in another 2 weeks, and should go back home to Malawi soon after that.

It will not be long before she stands again, strengthening the church in two different countries, and helping to lead thousands more into the Kingdom of Light.  Thank you Jesus!  

The total expenses are now looking to be just under $20,000, and God has been very good to us as we have already covered $10,375 in donations.  And I'm very confident that the rest will be covered within the next few months.  Funny thing, since Enesia is a well known Christian Artist (singer), a few days ago I learned that a few CD recording artists in Malawi are getting together and doing a concert in Malawi, with all proceeds after expenses going to Enesia.  And just yesterday I learned that the advisor on Religious Affairs to the President of Malawi has asked about how much in expenses and how much covered because he'd like to help.  Don't know if that's him or the Malawi government, but in either case I praise the Lord that Africa is doing what it can to take care of Africa.  Enesia sang in front of a previous president a couple of times.  Also, Enesia's and Kenneth's churches in Mozambique and Malawi have both collected funds for Enesia.  These donations are spiritually huge as they do everything they can to save the life of their pastor/apostle/evangelist.  I have no idea how much of the debt will be taken care of by these African surprises, but I do know that God is doing something good through this.

Thank you for your prayers for Enesia.  Your prayers have totally blessed not only Kenneth, Enesia, their family, but also the thousands of others who will spend their eternities with Jesus as a result.

love and blessings,