Helping Orphans in Mozambique, May 2014


Below is Kenneth's report from the African Team after helping the orphans at the mission base in Vila Ulongue in May.

Orphans  were called to receive gifts which can help them so as to make their life easier, since they lost their mothers and fathers. Some are at school and some not. Right now the number is growing because of HIV & AIDS. Like this day some were sent without  because we could not manage so many of them. We had 110 but now they are 200. Some of these children  do not have school uniforms so they are not allowed in school. 50 Orphans needs uniform. Any help please donate to Wheresoever. We pray with them before anything as you can see in the picture. The other problem is that we are in the cold season, we urgently need blankets and warm tops. It's our prayer that God will provide this need. Thanks for your help, may God bless you . We receive all kinds of orphans, Christians, muslems and traditional background.