Katsanya Church Building Pulled Down, Nov 2015

Katsanya, one of the Wheresoever church plants has had their brick church building attacked and destroyed. We understand that the nearby witch doctors were unhappy with the presence of Christians in the village. They complained that the curses and spells that they put on the Christians were not working, and people were losing confidence in them. So they arranged for the traditional dancers of the village to destroy the building. Traditional dancers may have a cute name, but they are a dangerous group of people who believe they are animals, get angry when they are referred to as human, and practice ancestor worship. They commonly dance all night among their ancestors' graves and go out through the village to scare and physically abuse those who are not part of them. In this case they destroyed a church building, in the hope that the Christians would leave the village.

But the Christians have now come together in strength, knowing that if the enemy is that interested in stopping them, they must be doing something right. They are praying for the salvation of the souls of the witch doctors and traditional dancers. The church building needs to be rebuilt as a sign that Christianity is not a passing fad, it is in the village to stay. Who knows, with God's help the rebuilt building may be larger and nicer than the previous one. They don't have many resources in this village, but the original church building was built with no financial assistance. Any financial support to help rebuild this church building would be welcomed, see the Get Involved page on this website.