Koreans Praying in England, June 2017


Danny and Lindy spent about a week near the New Forest in England helping the Lighthouse Community Church to host a team of South Koreans who  are called to pray for revival in the UK.  The whole Korean team was made up of 250 people, but the subset that Lighthouse helped to host was 9 of them.  This was not a Wheresoever event, but It was an honor to be able to help to host and pray with them and for them.  It was really nice to join with them and their very loud prayer - at times it even seemed like we were back in Africa, which often sounds even louder. Also nice to be back in situations where nobody speaks English and you have to find ways to communicate, there was only one translator in the group.  We prayed in and around most of the churches in the area west of Southampton on the eastern edge of the New Forest.  They are so serious about the need for prayer here that they also prayed each night from midnight to 5 am.  They feel so passionate about revival in England because it was an English missionary who introduced Christianity in their country 150 years ago, and he gave his life in the process.