Latvia, Nov 2018

  Sea of torches
  Colorful river in Riga

Latvia celebrated its 100th anniversary; it became an independent nation on November 18th 1918.  Lindy and I were there not only to help them celebrate, but to also claim the land for Jesus through prayer.  Our friend Cheryl hosted us; she has over the years been the YWAM leader for Latvia and northern Europe.  Throughout the long procession with torches winding through the old streets of capital city Riga, most thought this was a secular celebratory procession, but we were on behalf of the marching multitudes, proclaiming every step, every bit of covered ground, as belonging to our Lord Jesus Christ – praying for each individual person taking part in the march to get a revelation of the risen Christ and turn to Him.

In addition, we had the honor of being able to minister to different subsets of the YWAM leadership.  An unexpected blessing during that time was our time with the leadership of their ministry focusing on the restoration of trafficked and other women being rescued from difficult circumstances.  They have developed an impressive building to be used for this purpose, can house 13 ladies, and has plenty of spare room for related activities.  We felt our role there was not only prayer and encouragement, but also through our contacts the possibility of connecting them with other ministries with like-minded vision and passion.  

Map of Latvia in Europe