Malawi Crusade in Chiradzulu, Nov 2015

The crowds hungry for Jesus
Preaching and praising from the truck platform
Receiving Jesus and eternal life in heaven

Enesia in action after her kidney surgery  

This outreach in Malawi was meaningful as Wheresoever expands outside of Mozambique. This is the first time that the two Wheresoever Councils in Malawi join forces to reach the lost. They are led by Moses from the Central Region (capital city Lilongwe) and Enesia in the Southern Region (largest city Blantyre). It is great to see Enesia in action after her serious kidney surgery a few months ago.  Chiradzulu District is in the Southern Region. It was a two-day crusade, meeting twice each day. 2,611 souls came to Jesus during those two days.

There were some difficulties but in Jesus we are always victorious. This crusade had to be postponed twice, reasons such as a funeral that needed to be held in the venue for the crusade since the decesased was the father of the owner of the venue. After some concerns that people may not show up the third time, they actually came out in force.

It was held near a hospital. Many of the hospital patients were brought out expecting to be healed by Jesus through prayer. This provoked the Holy Spirit to move in a wonderful way.  Faith in Jesus works, it doesn't matter whether it's inside a church building, at a crusade or at the market.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Many people came to Jesus and it felt like healing the sick was sort of like breathing. 

God even held back the rain.  Soon after the event was over the blessings of rain came.  Who can do this?  Only God!

There are so many people out there that need the Gospel.  We chose to go out of town to reach the unreached because in town many people have access to many churches and pastors, and they can watch a number of Christian TV channels for free.  But they don't have such opportunities in the villages.  We thank God for this revelation and we are seeing the results.  It's so wonderful to see all these people choosing heaven for eternity instead of hell.  Pray for all the ones who have not yet heard. 

Unlike other crusades, we used a 3-ton open-bed truck as a platform for preaching and for the praise team.  We were able to introduce the new Christians to pastors from more than five churches, so that they can choose where their discipling can continue.