Mozambique Changara Outreach June 2014

The Wheresoever African Team went to the Changara District of the Tete Province of Mozambique on June 3rd.  11 Africans are going on the team, including 6 WSE Core Team members and 5 from our Vila Ulongue Foursquare church.  Changara District is about a 5 or 6 hour drive from our mission base. 

The outreach is targeting two villages, Chirodzi and Malala.  The background is that one of the church elders sadly went to be with the Lord after a motorcycle accident.  As difficult as that was for all of us including his pregnant wife, family and church family, the funeral was an evangelistic opportunity to lead many into the Kingdom.  The people present were so impressed with the handling of some serious personal issues resulting from the elder's death, and also impressed with the dove that flew down to stand on top of the car that brought the body, that they decided to start churches in two of their home villages and assigned two leaders.  And because of the few Christians in the area, they asked our team to bring and explain this message of love that they were unfamiliar with. You can see on the map that this may be a bush area but is not too far from three of our Wheresoever Councils.  We arranged for two pastors from the Songo council to come to the outreach and oversee the two new churches as they develop.

The team left on June 3rd and expected to return on June 11th.  We have not been able to have any communication with them since they seem to be out of cellphone coverage.  We will update this report as we know more.  

The following was a note from Kenneth a few days before leaving on the outreach: (his language, only simple English corrections):  


"Pray for us, as we are going to attack Changara on 6/3/2014. Just hearing from people from that area, they say people from there believe much in witchcraft and witch doctors . They do not want to hear about the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we are going by faith and the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name. We will start with Chirodzi for 4 days and Malala for 4 days.  In all these places we are going to baptize by water and finish with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Leaders who will care for these Foursquare church branches are already identified and pastor Abraham from Songo will be helping these leaders. All is set and we will fight until every soul comes to Jesus, for it is time. 

The team that is going is Kenneth, Christiano, Tall Danny, Moses, Tony , Faife, Simao, Inocensio, Nastazia, Susan and Grace.  On 6/11/2014 back to Angonia, we will try to keep you updated with everything happening while there, I will carry my GSM dongle for internet."