Mozambique Christmas 2010

 Christmas 2010 in Mozambique

On Christmas Eve, 12/24/2010, we held an evangelism training session for young people.  They need to be ready to carry the Gospel Wheresoever God asks.  At the training crusade in Mphezi, Simao preached and we had 309 salvations.  At Mtachi we held an  overnight celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ, many people came to watch the Jesus film and Ernest preached, 110 people entered the kingdom of God.  Christmas Day was spent in the prison.  The prisoners were overwhelmed.  A number of them said that they had never in their lives actually celebrated Christmas, it's interesting that the first time was in prison.

 Simao teaching youth  Kenneth teaching at night

There was rain at the 12/27/2010 crusade in Chizungu, but people came and we saw 120 salvations. In this village God is doing a new thing. Traditional dancers have composed a song which says “JESUS IS NUMBER ONE HAS TAKEN BOYS AND PUT THEM INTO THE CHURCH”. There is a woman who is unstoppable, the husband told her to leave Jesus and join the traditional dancers and all their pagan beliefs, but she has completely refused to go back and chooses to remain alone right now. The husband has left the house, but she is not moved. Let’s pray for her, her husband, and a full restoration.  We also held two crusades at Kanyenyezi, around 250 people received Jesus at each one. We established a Foursquare church there. Pastor Soko will lead the branch.

 Teaching in the rain  The Word is seeping in


 Each person with raised hands is accepting Jesus into their lives

We distributed clothes to 50 orphans as you can see in the pictures, and the traditional dance leader is complaining. Their threats are dying, God is in control. There is a need to build a good Church in Chizungu. Let’s keep praying for that.

Orphans receiving t-shirts Orphans wearing their brand new t-shirts

 Feeding the poor and the old at Wheresoever's mission base in Mozambique.

Widows coming to receive aid 

Feeding senior citizens

Blankets for widows Jeans for old man