Mozambique – Dec 2009 to Mar 2010

One of the goals of the Wheresoever ministry in Mozambique is to encourage, empower and enable the African Team to continue the work that God has assigned for that area, even when no American or British missionaries are there to help or support them.  Initially the team continues the work with close coordination and financial support from Wheresoever in USA.  This will evolve so that more and more of the responsibilities and meeting of the financial needs will originate in Africa.  Of course, this process will take time.  Here you can see some of the activities that the team has been involved in since mid-December when I returned to the US.

Christmas with Orphans and Prisoners
This is an exerpt from one of Kenneth's reports:  
"It was smilling on the faces of the orphans though you can not see on the picture.
On 12/24/09 orphans came to receive their christmas gifts so they can celebrate the birth day of Jesus Christ.  They were 60 orphans whom we manage to give gifts but some didn't because we had  not enough.  Everybody got bread, one kg rice, soap, tea leaves, one kg sugar, 40 mts to buy relish and two kg soya mealmeal all was packed in a plastic bag. Some orphans stay far away like Kanadzi a place which pastor Danny knows, one man was sent on the bicyle to deliver gifts.

The speech of one child touched everybody when she concluded that their joy will never end because their parent is Jesus who will take care of them. We all praised the Lord."

The following day, on Christmas, they spent most of the day with the prisoners in the local jail. I understand that it was the first time for many of them to celebrate Christmas.  One of them was overheard saying that now he understands what Christmas is about. 

Prayer for 2010
In January, the African team led some sessions of intercessory prayer where the Holy Spirit was overflowing His blessings over them.  This is another exerpt from the report, intentionally left with the original grammar and language:
"Wheresoever african team had special time  of praying for 2010 and the Lord was with us. After this prayer  some miracles have started taking place like, Moses wife had an issue of blood for long time and doctors said that it was a cancer in the womb. This gave Moses very hard time since they have soon married , but after prayer she is totally healed . This is no man but Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday, today and forever, right now Moses is back at the base.

Our church elder Nankhoma [ mother of Clara ] got biten by unknown thing and the leg got swollen that could not even walk and was taken to hospital in Malawi . The first hospital Nkhoma hospital failed , and was taken to another hospital Tengo Wambalame now the wound was growing big no signs of healing and too much pain. But when we sent Pastor Matthias to hospital to pray for her after prayer the doctor discovered that there was something like a hard thorn deep on the wound and they took it off.
That means doctors were being blinded so that woman should not be healed instead the leg to be amputated [ cut off ] .  WE THANK OUR LIVING GOD  that prayer was answered now she is fine and has been discharged , she is at her home walking fine and the wound is getting healed every day no more pains. Doctors are shocked why didnt they see it after 3 times ex-ray?
God has now restored the family of Brigida after separated for 7 years and in April we are blessing the family , her children are very happy and are giving testimony. God is faithful.
God said on the prayer, if we fellowship with Him , He will give us an assignment to glorify His name and He will provide. God gave us a pictures of Daniel chapter 1 & 2 .
We had a candlelight service which was held after the 12 days of praying and fasting for the year 2010. The Spirit of the Lord spoke to have this light service, symbolising people will not walk in darkness but in the light, because Jesus is light of the world (John 8: 12 )". 
Hospital Visits
"The beginning of 2010 has been fabulous and miraculous. We declared 2010 as a year of great power and fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Therefore below are the testimonies, salvations and miracles from the beginning of this year.  In January we had salvations at the hospital, 53 people got saved in the sick wards. During hospital ministry we prayed for a woman with cerebral malaria, the sickness affected her hearing and could not hear properly. Her left arm and leg were paralysed she could not move them. After prayer in the hospital this woman was instantly healed, praise God forever more.  A child who was suffering from marusmass was also healed after prayer, and was also discharged, went home healed."
Meeting with Angonia Pastors
In early February they had a meeting with the Wheresoever Council in Angonia where the pastors were requesting us to hold another 4-day seminar for their pastors and leaders.  It has been some time since we hold one in this area.  Kenneth said "every pastor was looking ready to go out and bring souls into the Kingdom".

Door-to-Door Evangelism
"At the end of February the team divided in two's went into locations, preaching Jesus and the Spirit of the Lord was with us that people were receiving salvations happylly. This door to door preaching has lots of advantages like ; somebody is free to express his problems to the soul winners instead of going to the witch doctor to seek for help. We also know where he stays so that you can follow up whether he is going to church or not. Therefore we helped people both physical and Spiritual problems. Lastly all the people who received salvation we gave them counseling on how to live for Christ and tell them to go to Church. In this one day 580 people came into the kingdom of God, praise the Lord !!

The disadvantage is that Sometimes you meet rough people and they shout at you, but with God all things are possible, we had a breakthrough".

Foursquare "Big Sunday"
"We had the first Foursquare big Sunday for the year 2010, On this day all branches in Angonia came together that the place we gathered was full to the capacity, we had people standing inside and outside. Other people were sitting on floor because our chairs were not enough to cater everybody as you can see on the picture. We had Holy Communion, the Holy Spirit moved and touched people. Many healings and deliverances occurred, to mention a few a certain man soon after taking Holy Communion his deaf ears opened and started hearing. There came a woman from Katsanya who was checked by doctors but could not find any disease, because of this she went to the witch doctors but did not find any help. Her relatives brought her to the church and was prayed for she went to toilet same time , her swollen stomach came back to normal and all the pains disappeared. She was in this problem for two weeks not sleeping. She started suffering when she dreamed traditional dancers were chasing her.  This was magic, but our God saved the woman from death."

Outreaches Near Tete, the Capital of the Province
A team of 5 people left for Tete on 3/5/2010 to strengthern Matundu branch and hold crusades in different places around. We took small car, that's why team was small. The next night we had a crusade at Samuel Kankomba, 120 people got saved. The following day we held a crusade at Matundu, 225 people received Christ. The next day we went back for another crusade in the same place and 260 people got saved.  Then we conducted a last crusade at Bairo Francisco Manyanga, 360 people got saved.  The total of all the people that got saved was 925.