Mozambique Foursquare National Convention, Oct 2013

The Mozambique Foursquare National Conference was held in an area of the country that is new for us, on the opposite side of Malawi from our beloved Tete province. The Foursquare Church in Mozambique is in a season of strengthening. One of the bright spots in the church is the growth in the Tete Province that we have been honored to be able to stand by and see how the Holy Spirit builds His church.

Excerpt from Danny’s Report/Prayer Request of Oct 7 2013
Part of the Wheresoever African team, Lindy and I attended the annual conference of the Foursquare Church in Mozambique. 

After the Foursquare Conference, we returned to Malawi. That Sunday Lindy preached at the mother Hope of Glory church in the city of Blantyre (recognize the name? named after our home church Hope Chapel). The church has just finished construction of the building that Lindy had previously prophesied would be built. Interesting because they owned land to build it nearby but Lindy's prophesy was where it ended up. I went with Kenneth and preached at another Hope of Glory church in Zomba (previous capital of Malawi). It was important to go since the Lord had given me a word for the church across the country. And the Wheresoever team was playing a major role in the worship and preaching at the conference. There are many changes ongoing as the church is strengthened - the changes are being led by the Brazilian Foursquare Church who has adopted Mozambique. But one of the current weaknesses of the church is their inability to raise funds since by far most of the 200+ churches are in small poor villages. But soon after Lindy and I arrived, they had already pledged a lot of food for next year's conference - a cow, 2 goats, many chickens, a lot of corn flour to make their beloved ncima, a lot of rice, beans, etc. - I understand this is the first time they do this. Their mentality is being changed by the Holy Spirit as they realize the plans that God has for them and other churches throughout Mozambique. It was also important to discuss possible ways forward for the Foursquare Church in Mozambique with the Brazilian pastors responsible for oversight.

Later we went to the Zomba hospital to see a pastor that had been ill since August. It was in the TB ward which to me looked like a terminal ward. The pastor hardly had enough energy to speak. The man in the bed next to him seemed to be fighting for every breath. The pastor's family had been concerned that he might die, then two weeks before our visit, his wife suddenly fell ill and died. After preaching as we led a number of the patients and visitors to the Lord, when I was praying for the pastor, I had gone in with great energy in expectation of praying strongly for his healing. But I sensed the Lord telling me that he had run a very good race, so I comforted him along those lines. I was torn between my desire to pray for his healing and the sense from the Holy Spirit. It was so painful when I heard that the next morning he went to be with the Lord. He was 37, his wife was 33, and they left three small children that the church will support. Please pray for those kids.

Ever since we arrived we have had to overcome obstacles, many of which we have never seen in all the years we've been coming to Africa. Issues with border crossings, including the Malawi police not accepting the documents issued by Mozambique immigration, sudden requirements of yellow fever certificates when we know the requirement only applies when coming from yellow fever endemic countries, officers refusing visa requests, the car which has been solid for some time developing a fuel leak, a steering fluid leak, the lights stopped working and a broken valve shaft - 4 unrelated issues all one day before the US visitors arrived. These things usually happen just before God does something great, so we rejoice knowing that we already have the victory. One day after the visitors arrived, all of the issues had been overcome and we have been able to do all the activities that God had planned for us. Thank you Lord for your protection and for answering prayer. We are so aware of the prayer all over the world that is covering us. Thank you and please keep praying.