Mozambique - Youth Evangelism, May 2011

Mozambique - Youth Evangelism, May 2011

Wheresoever organized the youth from the Foursquare church that meets at the mission base to go out to the villages to evangelize. They are very excited about every opportunity they get to reach the lost. This was a good training exercise.

The Wheresoever youth team was in a village called Matewere
and Simao was preaching the Gospel outside their houses. 
this village, 201 persons got saved.

 Going from house to house, their attention was encouraging

God is raising young ones to tell the world about Jesus.
Look at this young girlpreaching. Her name is Faransicica.

Not afraid to preach to adults


After visiting the people in their homes, they brought them together.
Now Tony is leading people to Jesus. What is needed is to have passion
like Jesus. This village is called Mgala. 260 persons got saved.