Mpanga Outreach in Mozambique & Radio Update, Aug 2015

Mpanga Outreach in Mozambique

On the 15th of August, the African Team held a crusade at Mpanga, a village that is considered one of the most resistant to the Gospel. The name of the village means “murder” in Chichewa. It was encouraging to see them come out in large numbers to sit and listen to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The child in the bottom two pictures had not walked since birth. His mother brought him to the crusade to be prayed for. Now the child is glorifying God as he walks. God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Wheresoever Radio Program – August 2015 Update

“The Truth Will Set You Free”, the interactive radio program that Wheresoever has been broadcasting for years is still proving to be very effective. Recently there have been many testimonies from people who have given their lives to Jesus while sitting in their house, a number of healings, people delivered from witchcraft and drugs, and families that have been restored as a result of listening to the program. The manager of the radio station recently told us that this program is the most popular on the station. This is a secular radio station that for a long time did not allow Christian programming, until we convinced them otherwise.