New Tete City Mission Base, Mar 2018

Aerial View  Aerial View Close-up
Area view, including the
edge of the Zambeze River

Close-up of property
with large church on right


Exciting news. As of March 20 2018, Wheresoever takes possession of a newly rented house to be used as a new Wheresoever Mission Base in Tete City, across the  road from the mighty Zambeze River. This is in addition to the current mission base up in Vila Ulongue that we have occuped about ten years.

We have been trying to open a base in Tete for some time now for various reasons. It is a much more central location in the province, making it much easier to access each of the other districts, especially the Wheresoever Councils across the province. Also, it opens up the ministry to a large pool of people to whom we can impart one of Wheresoever’s core visions, to spread the excitement of the Gospel to villages where other ministries generally don’t choose to go. In addition, if we were to re-start the Bible School, Tete City is a much more appropriate place.

Another benefit is the ability to simplify Kenneth’s life. He not only runs the ministry, but also pastors the large church that Wheresoever started near the Vila Ulongue base. That church has grown tremendously in maturity and is ready to take care of itself. Knowing this, Kenneth for some time has also been pastoring a church near Tete City. He will be able to be much nearer to this church and over time transition the other church to a new pastor while still keeping an eye on it by visiting now and then. On the Wheresoever ministry side, the Vila Ulongue mission base will be left for Christiano to manage.

The house/base has four bedrooms, with a separate building that has seven self contained rooms that can be used for ministry. And unbelievably, the four bedrooms in the house and the seven rooms are air conditioned – good thing since Tete City is referred to as the oven of Mozambique. Not only that, there is running water, the house and the seven rooms all have “flushing toilets” – we’re not accustomed to such luxury. And talking about luxury, it also has a swimming pool (perfect for baptisms), and enough land to hold ministry meetings.

We are very excited about this new opportunity. We thought we would need to wait much longer before taking this step, but after prayer God has opened the door to be able to reach many more of the beautiful people whom He loves so much.

Front Bedroom side Rooms
Front side
Bedrooms with A/C
Seven rooms
Large church on right Pool
Walkway Neighbor on right side
is a large church
Baptismal pool
or relaxation on a hot day