Outreaches in Songo & Estima Including New Church Plant, March 2015

The Wheresoever African Team returned to Songo after the Wheresoever Council leader there, Pastor Abraham, requested our help. The team was very effective there with the help of the Holy Spirit, but was also led to nearby Estima after an incident with multiple murders took place there. God's presence was evident, with many salvations, miracles, signs and wonders, and an unplanned new church planted. This is Kenneth's report after he returned to the mission base:

We thank God for the trip to Songo because it has benefited so much for Kingdom of God. The service started Friday night the day we arrived, the church was small, that made us to hold a crusade outside the church. Many people came and received Jesus, some got healed from sickness or disease , demons were cast out. The timing was fantastic , God restored families. I don’t know what could have happened if we did not go. Praise God. Two crusades were held at night in Songo, 500 salvations.

Breaking news, after the night crusade in Songo, we prayed for Estima because of what had happened. The devil killed dozens of people through poisoned beer at a funeral. God spoke to us that we needed to go with a crusade there. Indeed on Saturday, we went to hold a crusade in the afternoon. God has people all over where the devil is doing his work of killing, stealing and destroying. The time to save those souls has come. After the crusade, people came in force convincing us that we should open a church branch there right away. They are tired of dying in sin. Now a Foursquare branch has started in Estima, overseen by Pastor Abraham from Songo. Praise God. We were touched to see children whose parents had died with beer at that funeral. If God allows, they need a 3-day follow up as soon as possible, also to comfort them and hold a baptism, just for Estima. We held a crusade in Estima where we went  without notice, but the result of God's plan was 241 salvations. The church was very much on fire with the Holy Spirit. On Sunday, new members joined the church and Pastor Abraham and his wife were very happy with all the happenings.  

The white man you see in the picture had been directed by Pastor Danny in USA to check out Pastor Abraham's Foursquare church in Songo. He is now a full-time member of that church.

Rain has stopped , on 4/1/2015 to 4/3/2015  we need to go to 3 villages not too far from the mission base and hold Easter crusades. Please pray for us this Easter  to bring many souls to Jesus.

God bless you,