Outreach to Chiuta and Chifunde Districts, Mozambique, Aug 2017

This was another outreach by the African team to areas where Wheresoever has ministered in the past, but has not been able to return for some time. 

There were interesting challenges throughout - government authorities not allowing the team to evangelize at first, one of the Wheresoever councils had dissolved due to the long time between visits, the car as usual giving the team trouble. But our God is almighty. He gave us the victory. Nearly 4,000 decisions for Christ in total, a new Wheresoever Council formed, three locations now exitedly following Jesus seeing fires re-lit. Thank you Lord. 

On the map of the Tete Province on the right, this trip was the upper red loop. The bottom red loop is the one to Mutarara District the previous month. The three ministry locations were in Chiuta, Chifunde, and Cassacatiza also in Chifunde District very near the Zambia border.


Local pastors
New WSE Council with their new Bibles
Preaching under tree
Preaching under tree
Chiuta team

When the team arrived, they looked for the pastor who had prepared all the arrangements for their visit with other pastors and the government. He was not there. His brother was very sick in his home village and he went to help. There was no cellphone network in that village. So the team had to very quickly re-make all the arrangements with other churches in the area and present themselves to the government. Wheresoever was already known in the village from previous visits, so the team was able to put everything in place. They had asked for prayer, and the result was that there was only a short delay.

Meeting with some of the pastors, it was encouraging to hear powerful testimonies of seminars held in previous years. Some of their churches have grown tremendously. Churches that had been meeting under a tree were now in buildings. The seminar was held in one of these churches.

Attendance on the first day of the seminar was low because of the hurried preparations. But the rest of the seminar finished strongly. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully among the leaders, many of them were delivered and baptized in the Holy Spirit. After the seminar they testified that Wheresoever Ministries was raised by God to equip abd empower church leaders to serve in the Kingdom of God. The Nazarene Church pastor testified the reason his church building exists today is because of teachings in previous Wheresoever visits. That is the church where the seminar was being held. 

At the outdoor outreaches, there were many salvations, healings and deliverances. It is so true that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. In the pictures you can see the people as demons are cast out, and they are filled with the Holy Spirit and falling down under the power of God.

One of the crusades was held at a village nicknamed Sodom and Gomorrah because of the sinful nature in the area. Drunkenness was very common and it was one of the headquarters for animalistic rituals and "traditional dance". Very few children attended school, especially the orphans which seemed to be even more numerous than in other villages. In the pictures you can see Wherersoever providing some physical help for some of the orphans. but BREAKING NEWS: it was like a dream when the team preached the gospel, seeing so many accepting Jesus. It was surprising to see many of the traditional dancers, young and old, receiving Jesus. The nickname of the village is now oficially changed to Jerusalem.

During the visit to Chiuta, the team counted 3001 persons receiving Jesus. The last day of the seminar, the leaders pledged to donate food to make it easier to hold another seminar next year. Donations included corn, firewood, two goats, vegetables and rice.

A new Wheresoever Council was set up in Chiuta, since the old Council was no longer operational. The chairman of the old Council had passed away, leaving his wife and children. Please pray that God provides all the needs of the family because, as is very common in Africa, the relatives are fighting the family, trying to take all their few possessions. There are very few rights for widows in this country. 


Chifunde crusade at night

This was a very interesting ministry visit, highlighting the VICTORY that we have in Jesus. The government refused to allow the team to preach or evangelize in the small town. So as you would expect, the team delved into prayer as they left the town. When they returned the following morning, they had a green light. The first day there were only a few people, mainly children. But the second day there was a big croud, including the Permanent Secretary of the Party and other officials. It's so encouraging to see God's love pured out, blessing those who stood against Him. During the visit, 619 persons invited Jesus into their lives. And the government officials and the crowd asked Wherersoever to PLEASE come again next year or whenever is possible. In addition, the officials called ahead to the next village, Cassacatiza, which is a subdistrict of theirs, asking them to allow the team to preach Jesus resurrected. 



The team was welcomed to Cassacatiza with open arms. Many people received Jesus, including the subdistrict commissioner. She came forward to be prayed for in public.