Outreach to Ziwoya and Katondo Villages in Mozambique, Oct 2015

Crusade in Ziwoya

The African Team held a two-day crusade in Ziwoya.  1701 persons surrendered their lives to King Jesus. People were prayed for and they witnessed many healings and deliverances. The Chief and his wife attended and accepted Jesus.

A false prophetess who is also a witch doctor accepted Jesus – many were surprised and cheered. She confessed and apologized to the crowd, asking her previous customers to also come to Jesus. She also confessed that she wore a uniform with a cross on it so that she could more easily deceive Christians.

Widows and Orphans in Ziwoya and Katondo

Before the Ziwoya crusade, we gave gifts to widows and a few orphans. We gave wraps and other clothes, soap, Vaseline, and other basic needs items, regardless of their background.  Some of the widows are blind or crippled as you can see in the pictures.