Outreaches in Nansato and Matewere, Nov 2016

The Wheresoever African team held outreaches in the Mozambique villages of Nansato and Matewere, reaching out to the unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The next generation is getting training - as you can see in the picture, Ethel is preaching at the Nansato outreach. And Christiano is praying for the sick accoring to Mark 16:17 "...they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well." As a result, 195 souls came to Jesus in Nansato. 

In Matewere, the power of prayer was on display for all to see. The sound equipment had problems for four hours before everything worked. The team prayed and they were able to get some response from the equipment but it didn’t reach very far. But technical difficulties cannot stop the will of God - even as they struggled with the equipment, 217 lives came to Jesus. The team was told that witch doctors had been spreading their charms around before their arrival - they will not succeed. A woman was also healed of asthma.

Orphan in Matewere

This is just one example of so many, the needs are so great. During the outreach in Matewere, the team found a girl who was crying. Asking why, she said her mother had died intantly when she was struck by lightning. Her father died shortly after thatt of HIV/Aids. She was left alone and rejected by both grandparents, so an unrelated old woman agreed to keep her. The girl  said that she often dreams of her dead mother and has many nightmares. Facing child abuse, she doesn’t go to school.

The Wheresoever team prayed for her and the Spirit of God spoke to the team that we should help her.  The next day, the African team returned with gifts of clothes, a blanket  and a little money for her. They spoke to the old woman who is keeping the girl. explaining that she must go to school. Now she has started not only going to school, but also going to church. Wheresoever not only preaches the gospel, they also meet  the needs of the needy, showing the physical love of Jesus Christ. It was not very much, but the small gifts made a huge impact on both the girl and the old lady. They were desperate, but now they have the peace of the Lord. Both the woman and the girl were among the people who received Jesus for the first time that day.