Orphans and Prisoners, New Year's Ministry, Jan 2017

Brief report received from Kenneth:

On New Year's Day, the Wheresoever African Team rounded up many of the local orphans and gave a few simple gifts to them. It was wonderful , we managed to share with children from  three villages. In each plastic bag was bread, sugar, soap, Vaseline for their skin, 3kg rice, and 100 mt cash for food which amounts to just under $2. The picture shows some of children who came to receive gifts.

The following day, the team went to preach and cherish the prisoners  in Vila Ulongue in Mozambique. There were 109 men , 5 women and 2 infants making a total of 116 . The love  of God is always the best gift, there was a sweet smile on many prisoners' faces when they saw us. We told them that JESUS  had sent us, and that He loves you the way you are because he doesn’t  see you the way people see  you. That’s why he died for you. Some were crying to hear this and all raised their hands to receive JESUS and prayed  for different issues. No camera was allowed . More prayers and needs for the 2 infants and they are lacking enough food. Please help. In Mozambique prisons, the family is responsible to feed their related prisoners - if there is no family, they go hungry unless someone takes them on. We shared gifts like bread, soap, Vaseline, clothes and drinks for the New year. The next day, two prisoners were released from jail. Thank you Lord for answering prayer. And thank you for your prayers and financial support for us to buy gifts. God bless you.