Reinforcing Previously Planted Church, Aug 2014

Before the USA team arrived, we went to a village that we first visited there in 2010 with a previous team from Hope Chapel (Steve Estes, Steve Konzman, Bill Moore and Charles Balan).  I was eager to go because I knew we had started a church then, and I wanted to see how it was doing.  I was happy to see it teeming with life, still in a stick and grass shelter and planning a brick building.  We held our Sunday service there and then walked to the river quite a long way for yet another baptism.  I found it amazing how well they remember things that I told them in 2010, I wish I had a memory like that.  They felt honored because the only time I had been there was at night, but now I have visited them during daylight.  On the way there we went to pick up a lady that we knew needed deliverance, the mother of someone we know well.  We had heard that she was acting very strangely and refusing to leave the house.  She obeyed and came with us.  On the way to the village as we were praying and praising the Lord, there was a lot of commotion when I realized that she was trying to jump out the window and they were trying to hold her down.  I suppose it makes a lot of sense, demons can't stand worship, but I had never seen anyone trying to jump out of a moving car window before.  After prayer, I was very happy to see at the baptism that she decided that she needed to be baptized as well.  She's doing much better now.