Restoration of a struggling church in Chirodzi, Dec 2017

One of the churches that Wherersoever launched about three years ago was struggling. We understood that the pastor had felt overwhelmed and simply walked away.  So in December we sent Kenneth with a small team and a smaller budget to investigate and take whatever action was necessary.

Praying up the mountain
Boys with "traditional drums"


Night crusade


The team found that nobody was congregating any more, the shelter they were meeting in was destroyed and there was no sign of the former pastor.  There was talk that the pastor had been involved with another woman.  God’s help was needed, so the team together with three Chirodzi church members went up the mountain to pray.  It did not take long before they ran into a group of young boys with “traditional drums”, which are normally associated with demonic activity, ancestor worship and violence.  The enemy had been having a field day.  This just helped the team to be more focused in their prayer. More intentionality, more resolve.

Accepting Jesus by roadside

The results were as you would expect after prayer.  The church has been resurrected.  Hallellujah!  Not many members yet, and it was a struggle, but resurrected just the same.  We have a God of restoration.  A new leader has been appointed.  The team managed to re-build the shelter to meet under within the very small budget they had.  A crusade was held, interest in Jesus is growing again.  People are being saved.  People  are better understanding our human condition, and understanding that more ministry and love is needed to restore those of us who fall.  Hearts are growing, both in love and in maturity.  Thank you Lord.

Building new shelter
Church meeting under new shelter