Scotland, Oct/Nov 2018

       Mission Team by Castle
  Knight statue  Lion flag on Scottish beach

Danny and Lindy joined a missions group from the Cary Church of God Church from North Carolina in Elgin and surrounding areas in the Scottish Highlands. This was a prayer assignment, proclaiming the land for Jesus, bringing down some of the demonic forces influencing the area. Scotland, like many other nations around the world, is undergoing a lukewarm season with the Lord, with many spiritual obstacles that need to be pushed out of the way. We did find a number of exciting bright spots, making it easier to direct our prayer.

Our host in Elgin was a pastor from Spain who was led by God to leave an important assistant pastor role in a megachurch in Spain to go take a small(ish) congregation in Scotland. He seemed to blend very naturally his strong theological background and interests with the tender love required in his new role. His congregation was delightful.

Our time there included prayer over Elgin, especially in some of the spiritually dark corners, a visit to a nearby castle to get a better understanding of their local history and culture, freezing prayer over the nation up a snowy mountain near Loch Ness, prayer on a nearby beach where one of the locals was convinced we just went to see the whales (did not see any), worship together with another church in Inverness, time to bond with the rest of the American team, and social time with local congregations.

We know that prayer is key for transformation of an area. So we will wait to hear of the positive changes that will take place soon in that corner of the Scottish Highlands.

Driving on the way back to the South of England, Lindy and I spent a few days in Aberdeen on the Northeast coast with the son of a friend who lives in the South of England. It was a different view of the state of Christian faith in Scotland, spending some time at a vibrant church that was truly encouraging us by the way they pray for their missionaries.  We understood that in general, the spiritual health in the area needed much improvement, but we did not see that in our brief time there.

It was interesting that on the drive up to Scotland we ended up looking at the highest mountain in England. In Scotland still on the way to Elgin, we were at the base of the highest mountain in Scotland.  And unintentionally taking some tiny one-lane roads, we stopped at a sign that said we were in the center of Scotland.  All totally unplanned.  Not sure what the Lord was pointing out to us, but sense that it was important.