Outreaches in Mozambique & Foursquare Annual Convention, Sep 2015

Magwai Crusade

Magwai is a fairly small village a few miles from the Wheresoever Mission Base. At this September outreach, 235 adults invited Jesus into their lives. There were a number of healings and deliverances.

The team stopped on the road to offer Jesus to a witch doctor along the way. The love of Jesus is wonderful, after confessing much of the evil that he had perpetrated on people, he is now following the Lord of Lords.


Limbuni Crusade

At Limbuni in Mozambique, the African Team started with a crusade where 403 persons accepted Christ. Then they dedicated a church building that the village had built, still with a grass roof causing problems when it rains.


They proceeded to minister to a couple that was struggling, they had already separated, and have now committed to remain together and work through their problems.

Widows and Orphans in Magwai

Pastor Kenneth sharing the Word of God to widows and orphans under the tree before giving gifts. Very encouraging to see how they responded to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  110 widows and orphans gave their lives to Jesus.


Mozambique Foursquare Conference, Sep 2015

The Foursquare Church of Mozambique held their annual conference at a town called Mocuba, a fairly long drive from the Tete Province. These reunions are important as they create a bond between the pastors across the nation, and spread hunger for Jesus in areas that were growing weak. The Tete Province was represented by 32 pastors. The church that meets at the Wheresoever mission base provided the musicians, praise team and associated equipment. They did a good job of leading the rest of the pastors into deep worship. The relationship between Wheresoever, the Foursquare Church in Tete Province, and the Foursquare national leadership team is growing strong.  

There was some concern at the beginning when it became apparent that drinking and cooking water came from the same river used for bathing and other natural necessities. But thanks to God, through prayer, there were no reports of illness as a result.

Nthetebeni Crusade

The African Team went to a village called Nthetebeni to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mark 16:15-16 became real as they saw the hunger for the Gospel there – 350 persons received Jesus. Praise God.  Nobody could remember anyone going there to preach the Gospel before, we have seen so many times the tendency to hold activities in cities or large towns, leaving the bush villages trapped in darkness. There was no advance notice given for this outreach, yet everyone received Jesus. Pray for God to provide more workers in His Vineyard.

Woman had never heard of Jesus before. She could not walk, too much pain. She had gone to witch doctors who could not help. But Doctor Jesus healed her, with great joy to the village and her family standing by her in the picture.