Teaching college graduation of Wheresoever girls, Dec 2017

Maria, Sianta and Benadeta with Kenneth

In the past, Whereresoever has helped students reach a level of education that they would not have been able to attain on their own. This has included education in the Mozambican equivalent of high school, university and teaching colleges. The help has consisted of providing employment, providing accomodation  and food at the mission base, mentoring, spiritual growth, and involvement in all evangelistic activities as well as preaching and teaching local congregations. They are totally immersed as part of the Wheresoever African Team.  

I am excited to tell you about the latest three Wheresoever girls who just graduated from the local teaching college and are now available to be appointed by the government to teach at schools across Mozambique (that’s how it works here). Their names are Maria, Sianta and Benadeta.

In addition to these three young women, there are a few examples of other men and women who have been able to graduate with Wheresoever’s assistance, and have been able to shine the light of Jesus in workplaces,  ministries and churches in different locations in Mozambique. Thank you Lord Jesus for giving the opportunity and placing us in a situation where we could help a few of your wonderful sons and daughters.


Graduation ceremony

Sianta receiving her certificate.
She was an orphan.

Maria happily with her certificate.
She had dropped out, then 
Wheresoever offered to help.
Stepping into the future
that God had promised them