USA Team Mission Trip to Mozambique, Aug/Sep 2018

American team leaving USA
Kenneth and Enesia
American team and part of African team

An American team of 5 joined Lindy and the African team in Mozambique. Danny could not attend due to medical reasons, he needed to stay in England waiting for a minor surgery. He and Lindy will not return home to USA until mid-March next year. This is a summary of things I’ve heard in phone calls and read on text message updates coming straight from the field mostly from Barb.

The American and African teams have been extremely busy, and they are boarding the plane in a little while to return home. There are 6 people in the American team (Lindy, Tina, Barb, Joe, Janice and Chad) and the African team fluctuated between 11 and 14. With your prayer support, in the less than two weeks since the American team arrived, they have taught 6 days of seminar in 3 locations, have taken part in 5 crusades, baptized around 70 people, preached or shared in 8 church or ministry services, and took part in 1 wedding, bought and distributed Bibles, went up mountains to pray, and more. I understand that they have been totally immersed in this new culture, and fit right in and enjoyed it tremendously. They are exhausted but blessed to have taken part, even in their rest day, there was no stopping them, Joe showed up at the morning seminar in another village and others at the Wheresoever service at the base. I have no idea how many people have accepted Jesus during these time, but believe it must be a large number.

The Holy Spirit has been active in so many ways including healings and deliverances. They say 6 people who were totally blind can now see, plus some more that claimed their sight had improved. Many other healings including a lady who had sores inside her mouth that disappeared, many with pain related healings. I enjoyed hearing that one chief asked for the witch doctors present at the seminar to come forward for prayer, and some did. Changed lives.

Of course this all comes with its challenges. The overflowing numbers have busted the food budget (good problem to have). Nonstop problems with the car and bus causing all kinds of delays and budget problems since the new car that we are totally blessed to be able to buy is still being manufactured in Japan. The planned prison visit had to be cancelled because of car problems that made them late. Also some health problems and other issues that I choose to not tell you about at this time. Clearly all a small price to pay when you consider what God is accomplishing in His Great Commission through the American and African teams. 

Once the team flies back home today, Lindy stays for another week and returns to England in time to be with Danny during his surgery. 


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Seminars to teach pastors and leaders 

Crusades to reach the lost and lead them to Jesus, and encourage them to be discipled.

Children, the future of Mozambique, and so often their education is ignored, and encouraging adults to teach them.

Council, meeting with local pastors who will provide discipleship to new Christians.

Prayer Mountain, the foundation to help everything else happen according to God's will.

Wedding of Tony, one of our Wheresoever pastors, and Flora who has been active in the ministry.

New Tete Base to be able to reach out to more villages and encourage city Christians to take part.

Flavor of Mozambique to help you fall in love with this beautiful nation and its people.


And a few very short videos to keep giving you a flavor of this mission trip:
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