Vila Ulongue Church Roof Completed, March 2015

Earlier Pictures During Construction
 Roof trusses
 January Big Sunday under nearly complete roof
 Overcrowded current meeting room  Part of the foundation  



The roof on the new  building for the Foursquare church that currently meets at the mission base has been completed. Wheresoever helped financially with a large portion of the roof expenses. Donations were so generous we were able to contribute toward part of the cost for doors and windows, which are being worked on now.



This is a wonderful strategic achievement for advancing the Kingdom because this church is truly missions minded. It has already been responsible for planting and overseeing 35 other churches. 3 of of which have already planted more churches. The Sunday congregation has grown so large that it barely fits in the room currently being used at the mission base. This has caused a problem on Big Sundays when the church brings together many of the churches that it oversees. Many people who have walked for hours to arrive on time find that they must sit outside in the sun often not being able to even see inside the church. 

The new church building is a little more than 4 times the area of the current meeting place. It should be large enough to hold the Sunday congregation for a few years. But with the rate of growth of the overseen churches, Big Sundays will be an issue very soon, and will need to be split up by area.

Big Sundays are being held in the new church building now, the first one in January used a temporary grass roof. Regular Sunday meetings will move to the new building when the church is secured with doors and windows. The local church has funded a large part of the building work, with help from Wheresoever for the roof, most of the bricks, less than half of the windows and doors, and a small part of the foundation. The church still needs to fund the floor, electric hookup, toilets, etc., etc. Of the planted and overseen churches, about 10 of them are busy building a brick church building, with no external financial help. 

Donations are happily accepted from anyone moved by the Holy Spirit to help this church more. This building is one of the steps required to see this church keep multiplying the number of lovers of Jesus in the land.