Wheresoever Radio Program Progress

Wheresoever has been broadcasting a popular interactive Christian radio program for years. These are some comments from Kenneth at the mission base in Mozambique. 

We are receiving so many calls from listeners giving their testimonies  how JESUS CHRIST is touching them through radio program THE TRUTH SHALL  SET  YOU FREE. Sick people are coming to be prayed for and praise God that His word is being fulfilled by healing them. Right now the base is like a hospital, many sick and demon possessed are made free in the name of Jesus, this is amazing. Another family has been restored through the truth of Jesus, it shall set you free. A thirteen-year-old boy has been sick for one year, has gone to witch doctors and hospitals, they said he was not sick yet he was dying. But when brought to Wheresoever mission base, after prayer the boy got healed. PRAISE PRAISE GOD. Sometimes the sick are carried from hospital to the base to be prayed for. Not only that many are receiving Jesus through this program, one time because of rain we stopped crusade, but our crusade was completed through radio preaching and teaching. Another best weapon for reaching the lost is Radio broadcasting. May God bless all who are donating money for this program to be  on air every week. The team is on prayer right now asking God to provide with the needs because when the rain stops, it will be going out with face to face evangelism and crusades.