Women's Conference, Oct 2016


A women's conference was held at the Wheresoever mission base in Vila Ulongue on October 28-30, 2016:  The theme was “Women, RUN with the Gospel Of Jesus Christ”. The wife of the mayor of Vila Ulongwe, Anne Zhulio Almando, was the special guest. It's encouraging to see women preaching with the Spirit of God.  Women and men attending gave their lives to Jesus (yes, there were some men attending). There were healings, deliverances, and refreshing. Many church branches were represented, many of which planted through Wheresoever. Roughly 600 persons attended. About 320 of them were helped with transport, and many more could have come if it had been possible to provide more transportation help. 

So good to see a new generation being trained for the work of God. One of the preachers was a 10-year-old girl named Ferre, teaching roughly 600 women on Luke 7:11-16, about Jesus raising a widow's son. She spoke confidently and without fear. This is important because in Africa it is not common to see children trained in the gospel. Many of them are guided away, trained in witchcraft or caught in prostitution. Girls like Ferre are not only saved from these problems, but they can teach many others so they can fall in love with Jesus and avoid a life of slavery. Much work is needed to change some of these cultural weaknesses.