Malaysia - Assist ministries with the work in the land.  Trips 2006, 2014, 2016 and 2018.

Indonesia (Sumatra) - GO trip to deliver prophetic word, and to pray over the land.

China - Encourage missionaries in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Korea - Prayer walk.


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River of Life main viewMalaysia, Jul/Aug 2018
Danny, Lindy and Helen visited Malaysia on a prayer assignment ... shortly after a very surprising and unprecedented election when a coalition government won in the first regime change since the country’s independence in 1957. The new government stands for much more religious freedom and laws applied with much more racial equality. ... It became clear to us very quickly that this was a strategic time when prayer had to continue and should not be allowed to decrease after the victory, since the coalition government now needed to learn to work together. more

Thailand, Mar 2016
Danny, Lindy, Charles and Tina spent a brief time with friends at the Akha Foundation in Thailand.  The foundation includes an orphanage and Bible  School serving the Akha people, a large tribe spread across multiple Asian countries. The team enjoyed interacting with the orphans, watching the children deep in worship was a very moving experience.  It was nice to also be able to spend some time with the friends and their family.  We had a fun outing riding elephants at the end of the visit. more

Myanmar, Mar 2016
Danny and Lindy were joined by Charles and Tina from Raleigh, NC to go teach and encourage the students at a Bible School in Myanmar (formerly called Burma).  It was exciting to teach on various topics across different tribes and languages. 
The area is drug infested and it was interesting to pray into many of the local problems, such as young girls being sold to finance the parent's drug habits.  The team was honored to participate in the graduation of seven students, and the ordination of two pastors. more

Malaysia, Feb-Mar 2016
Danny and Lindy spent some weeks with good friends, some of which are also pastors. During that time they ministered and worshipped the Lord in several places of business, private homes and other places in this very interesting nation. The second half of the visit was spent running Christian Dance workshops as part of CDFM (Christian Dance Fellowship of Malaysia), in three cities in East Malaysia on the island of Borneo. more

China, Jan 2016
Danny and Lindy visited and ministered to a group of friends that they met via good friends of theirs, a couple who recently relocated to the US from China.  This is the second time Danny and Lindy met many of them, the first time during the visit a little over a  year earlier.  The picture at a Chinese beach reminds me of Jesus telling Peter and Andrew that he would make them fishers of men - and immediately they left their nets and followed him. more 

Malaysia, Dec 2014
Journey to Malaysia by Lindy and Danny with multiple purposes. Two Christian dance and flags workshops, and assist with the varied ministry of two different pastors. It was also very refreshing to reconnect with old friends and to take a couple of days off at a nice hotel on the beach as a present from a very good friend. We praise God for the salvations, healings and deliverances that we have seen across Malaysia and other countries. more