Latvia - Assist YWAM (Youth with a Mission) by teaching on prayer and prophecy, being the prayer covering at outdoor all-night evangelistic event, ministry to a local church in Valdemarpils, and other various activities. This has been a long term partnership and we expect will continue to be at the Holy Spirit's leading, with trips in 2004 twice, 2005, 2009 twice, 2010 and 2012.

Iceland - This was the very first GO trip in 2000 when God started opening our eyes to His purposes and the need for our obedience. Unexpected doors opened and in the few days there there was opportunity to give a number of workshops on Christian dance and flags, with people claiming this was an answer to their prayer as they had been asking for exactly that. There was a follow-up trip in 2013 to assist YWAM to re-establish their ministry and be a catalyst for increased hunger for God, and a further follow-on trip in 2015.  Although not officially part of Europe, we include it in this section since Europe is closest to it. 

Germany - Prayer walking and prophetic actions in Herrnhutt, the base of the Moravians who at one time held 24-hour prayer for over 100 years, and were such an influential force in early Christian missions. It was during this trip that Jesus gave Lindy the call to the world.

England - Many visits to various churches in and around London.  Ministry is varied.

Norway - GO trip to Bergen on the west coast. Delivery of a prophetic word to a church there.  Ministry to individuals.

Finland - GO trip to Helsinki and neighboring areas. Ministry to a group of Cambodian refugees with difficulty integrating as they could not speak Finnish or English. Ministry to a group of teenagers and their parents, prayer all through their Parliament building while getting a personal tour when it was closed. And much more...

Turkey - Prayer walking all over Istanbul.

Macedonia - GO trip to encourage a pastor to start a a church in a neighboring town where there was not any known born again Christians. Follow-up trip two years later.

Croatia - Two trips to assist the ministry of a long-time missionary couple there.

Spain - Started out as a vacation, turned into a strategic mission trip to a Nigerian church in Valencia. 

Israel - Multiple trips to pray over the land and to pray for the world from this strategic position.  Although Israel is not geographically located in Europe but in the Middle East, it is included in this section because it is a member of many European transnational federations and takes part in many European sporting events.     

Most of the Wheresoever ministry in Europe is undocumented, just a few below.

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Iceland, Oct 2013
Lindy was in Iceland as part of a YWAM effort to re-kindle the fire of Jesus in that land. The trip included lots of prayer, making many ministry contacts, some ministry, and lots of learning including from YWAM founder Loren Cunningham who was also there. more

Latvia, December 2012
Lindy went to Latvia to visit YWAM (Youth With A Mision) in Riga and Valdemarpils, and to minister in the Pentecostal Church in Valdemarpils. more

Bosnia  March 2010
Lindy & Ellen encouraged women from areas of former Yugoslavia in worship using flags,dance, drama, and movement. more

Latvia – Nov 2009
Lindy and Helen Burch teach on prayer at the YWAM Discipleship Training Course in Valdemarpils. more