South & Central America

Ecuador - Initially it was for ministry in Guayaquil together with large teams with the organizing church, Church of God in Cary, doing evangelism, work in prisons, help medical team, etc. The focus for Wheresoever in Ecuador then changed to the Kychwa Indians and others in the Ambato area, and the capital city Quito.  In addition to the journeys below, there were others in 2002 (twice), 2003,   2005 and 2010.

Costa Rica - A BAM (Business as Missions) trip to help encourage pastors to recognize that avenue of evangelism and discipleship.

Paraguay - GO trip with varied ministry and lots of praying over the land.


Team and missionariesCosta Rica BAM Meeting, Feb 2018
Charles B and Danny went to Costa Rica representing the Foursquare BAM (Business as Missions) team. The purpose was to take a step in encouraging Latin American Christians to be more involved in running or being part of Christian businesses. Also to be more aware of different ways to show the love of Jesus as part of secular businesses. Ministry in the workplace is so often overlooked as a way to reach those who may never step into a church building.  ...Read More

Ambato Ecuador Ministry to Kychwa Indians, May 2013
Mission journey to the Ambato region of Ecuador to minister to Kychwa Indian women, and at the Church of God Kychwa Bible School that trains many of the local pastors. more

Ecuador - Ambato Outreach to Kychwa Indians, Nov/Dec 2011
Lindy, Glenda and Shirley had an exciting and fruitful time ministering mainly to the Kychwa Indians in the Ambato area.  They were so encouraged by God's presence in all their activities.  They taught at churches on many topics, taught at their Bible school, ministered to orphans and other children.  Highlights: the grown up orphan now running a soup kitchen, the active volcano rumbling in the background, the surprise when Lindy found out that the part of the meal she could not identify was actually a cow’s foot, the unexpected invitation to be filmed in a TV show aimed at Ecuador youth where Lindy danced for the Lord and was interviewed about teenage chastity.  About 125 girls accepted Jesus that day. more

Ecuador,  Guayaquil - July, 2011
Lindy went to Guayaquil as part of the mission trip organized by the Cary Church of God.  The focus of her involvement was to pour out Jesus' love at the women's prison and mentoring the US missionaries.  She also was able to minister at the youth detention center and with the medical team. more

Ecuador – Nov 2009
Ministry to the Kechua Indians in the Embato area. Lindy joined Glenda and Don Abbe, Cuban missionary pastors David and Betty, and others. Lindy later ministered in a church in capital city Quito. more