Southern Africa

Southern Africa is managed by the Wheresoever African Core Team in Mozambique (see Who We Are).  This is where the greatest concentration of Wheresoever ministry effort resides.

MozambiqueConcentrated in the Tete Province of Mozambique there have been well over 100,000 decisions for Christ and good congregational growth in existing churches. Wheresoever has been the catalyst for starting more than 350 new churches across multiple denominations. God has honored us by allowing Wheresoever to witness first hand more

Malawi - Malawi is adjacent to the Mozambique Tete Province, where God originally sent us. Many of our team members have been missionaries from Malawi, including all the leadership.  It is helpful that the official language of Malawi is English, and the language spoken by far the most is Chichewa, which is the tribal language throughout most of the Tete Province.  Even though the ministry focus is Mozambiquem over the years there has been ministry overflow into Malawi, including this ministry being the catalyst for a number of churches started there. Now one of the African Team, Moses and his wife Eunice, have moved back to Malawi to begin a small new base in the capital city Lilongwe.

Swaziland - Overflow from the Mozambique ministry has also reached Swaziland, where there is now a Wheresoever Council. They are hungry for more of the Word.


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Christmas Help to Orphans and Widows, Dec 2014

This Christmas, Wheresoever was able to provide a blessing of a few assorted items to orphans and widows in both Mozambique and Malawi. This is an important time to help the needy because in both countries this is referred to as the "hunger season" as they wait for the harvest in the spring. more

Nambalambo Outreach, Dec 2014
The Wheresoever African Team visited Nambalambo, a very remote village. more


Crusades and new church in Folotia, Sep/Oct 2014

New believers in Folotia rejoice in the Lord.  Crusades, baptisms, new church planted, still rejoicing even in the face of persecution. Thank you God.   ... read more 

Hope Chapel Team in Mozambique, Aug/Sep 2014
In late September, we were joined in Mozambique by the largest western team that has ever come to Mozambique with this ministry - nine persons plus Danny and Lindy. They were all from Danny and Lindy's home church in Apex, North Carolina, USA. We were amazed that during these two weeks+, we witnessed God performing the greatest number of healings that we have ever seen since we started in Mozambique so many years ago. And many of you know that we have seen Jesus do some pretty amazing things. So many deaf people regain their hearing that we actually lost count of them. A lady blind in one eye regained her sight in that eye. And so many other signs and wonders. Thank you Jesus. more

Weddings in Mozambique, Aug/Sep, 2014
Weddings are always so much fun. During this trip to Mozambique, A mass wedding with 15 couples while the USA team was here
, a good evangelist friend who used to live with us at the mission base, a young couple in a remote village. This is not too long after the weddings of part of our team as they mature into the path that God has for them, and many other weddings of pastors and others both in Mozambique and Malawi. Many of the weddings are couples that already considered themselves married but never had a ceremony or publicly declared their commitment to God or anyone else - very common in Mozambique and we encourage couples to marry in a godly setting. more

Reinforcing Previously Planted Church, Aug 2014
... we went to a village that we first visited there in 2010 ... We held our Sunday service there and then walked to the river quite a long way for yet another baptism.  ... she was trying to jump out the window and they were trying to hold her down.  I suppose it makes a lot of sense, demons can't stand worship, but I had never seen anyone trying to jump out of a moving car window before. more

Mozambique Changara Outreach, June 2014
The Wheresoever African Team went to the Changara District of the Tete Province of Mozambique on June 3rd. 11 Africans are going on the team, including 6 WSE Core Team members and 5 from our Vila Ulongue Foursquare church. Changara District is about a 5 or 6 hour drive from our mission base. The outreach is targeting two villages that started new churches as a result of evangelism at a funeral. more

Helping Orphans in Mozambique, May 2014

The Wheresoever African Team brought the orphans that we partially care for together at the mission base. The number of orphans is growing very rapidly, was 110, now 200. We help them regardless of religious background or not. more


Healings at the Wheresoever Mission Base, Feb 2014
Examples of healings at the Wheresoever mission base. A man gets out of his wheelchair, restoration of a marriage. more 

Wheresoever Radio Program Progress, Feb 2014
Wheresoever has been broadcasting a popular interactive Christian radio program for years. These are some comments from Kenneth at the mission base in Mozambique. more

Helping the Needy at Christmas, Dec 22-25 2013
The Wheresoever African Team took care of adults in poverty on the 22nd, of orphans on the 24th, and of prisoners on Christmas Day. more

Mozambique New WSE Areas, Magoe and Mukumbura, Nov 2013
Danny and the African Team did some ministry in and around the mission base (Vila Ulongue and Domue). Then they visited two areas that were totally new to Wheresoever. After multiple outreaches and a seminar in each area, there were many salvations, healings and deliverances. Follow-up visits will be required as they were left with a great hunger for more of the Lord. more

Mozambique with Hope Chapel Team, Oct 2013
Steve Fontes and Tina Fowler visited from the US and made a real difference in the ministry to Vila Ulongue, Estima and Songo. They both attend Hope Chapel, Danny and Lindy’s home church. Estima and Songo are two of the Wheresoever council areas that we had not been able to visit for some time. more

Mozambique Foursquare National Convention, Oct 2013
Danny, Lindy and part of the Wheresoever African Team attended and ministered to the Mozambique Foursquare National Conference in Milange. Ministry in Malawi afterwards. more

Wheresoever Expands to Malawi, Sep 2013
Visit to a new Wheresoever location in Lilongwe, Malawi. Wheresoever is expanding in Southern Africa. more

Swaziland Report, July 2013
Kenneth and Matthias (former Wheresoever Core Team member who now lives in South Africa) visited Swaziland.  God moved powerfully.  Wheresoever Council created, the first one outside Mozambique. more

Crusade at Chipindu, June 14 2013
The African Team held an outreach at Chipindu village.  Well attended, many salvations, some miracles. more 

African Team Activities, Mar-May 2013
Highlighted activities during the period include the Easter Conference, the Mozambique Peace March to pray for peace during the Mozambique election process, the Youth Conference, a Big Sunday bringing many Foursquare churches together, a Pastor's Course for Foursquare ordination, and Vila new church building progress. more

Mozambique Team Activities, Oct 2012 to Jan 2013
African Team ministry during this period after Danny, Lindy and the Hope Chapel team left Mozambique. Activities included crusades, a new church dedication in Domue, completion and dedication of the new well in Ntachi, the funeral of a Foursquare pastor where over 200 persons made decisions for Jesus. more

Hope Chapel Trip to Mozambique, Sep/Oct 2012
Lead Pastor Bryan Finley, Missions Pastor Charles Balan and long-time friend Glenda Abbe join Danny, Lindy and the African Team in Mozambique. more

Shake the Nations, August 4th, 2012
Wheresoever Mozambique joined with groups from 29 other nations praying, praising, worshiping and dancing for the Lord - all at the same time and to the same music. more

Danny and Lindy in Mozambique, June - September 2012
Danny and Lindy travel to Mozambique for ministry, training and preparations at the Mission Base. more

Progress on Mozambique church project, May 2012
Starting to build outbuildings of Vila Ulongue church. This will be a major effort as this will be one of the largest church buildings in the province. more

Mozambique - Kaphiridzanje Crusade, Oct 2011
The Whersoever Mozambique Team held a crusade and showed the Jesus film in Kaphiridzanje on October 30th. more

Mozambique - Orphans, August 2011
At the Wheresoever Mission Base, gifts and aid were given out to the orphans we support in Vila Ulongue.  Prayer is needed for them because their number has grown by 20 from the last aid session. more

Lady by WellMozambique - Chisamba Well Opening, August 2011
Opening ceremony celebrating the completion and opening of one of the wells in Chisamba Village. In addition to this well. Wheresoever is in progress of deepening another well in Chisamba, and providing a third well in Vila Ulongue. Previous to this project, there were two wells provided in Chisamba (one of them being dug deeper now) and clean water provided to a hospital in Domue. more

Mozambique - Youth Evangelism, May 2011
Wheresoever organized the youth from the Foursquare church that meets at the mission base to go out to the villages to evangelize. They are very excited about every opportunity they get to reach the lost. This was a good training exercise. more

Malawi - Outreaches, Baptism, Training, May 2011
The team went off to the city of Blantyre and the town of Balaka in Malawi which is Mozambique's neighbor.  They held outreaches, taught and baptized. more

Mozambique - Easter Activities, April 2011
The time around Easter was very busy for the Wheresoever team in Mozambique. There were a number of village outreaches, an Easter march through the town attended by many churches and hosted by Wheresoever, a seminar was held for Foursquare pastors, the second of four required to license a pastor in Mozambique, and "Big Sunday" where all the Foursquare churches within reach get together to worship the Lord. more

Mozambique - Prayer Up the Mountain, January 2011
The team and a group from the church went up the mountain for intercessory prayer, Followed by more prayer and worship at the base. more

Mozambique Christmas 2010
Christmas time was a very busy for the Wheresoever team.  Christmas Eve outreaches and teaching, Christmas day with prisoners, then helping orphans, widows and the aged.  Really felt like Christmas. more

Mozambique April - June 2010
Report from Mission Field. more

Mozambique – Dec 2009 to Mar 2010
Ministry activities by the African team after Danny left Mozambique mid-December. Christmas gifts to orphans and prisoners, outreaches, etc. more

Mozambique – Nov 2009 – Foursquare Pastors Licensing
Pastors and leaders from the 20 recently planted Foursquare churches churches near the Wheresover Mission Base gathered at the Base to attend the first of four courses required to become licensed Foursquare pastors. more

Pastor seminar in Macanga and outreaches there and in Angonia. God's glory was evident in many healings. Danny and the African team were joined by 3 American and 2 Brazilian missionaries from
Jackson, MS and Bolivia. more 

Mozambique – Sep/Oct 2009 – Danny & Lindy Ministry
Danny, Lindy and the African Wheresoever core team held seminars for pastors at Estima and Mutarara, and held outreaches into many villages, including near Wheresoever Mission Base Angonia. more